What California Is Now Spending Money on Will BLOW YOUR MIND!

What California Is Now Spending Money on Will BLOW YOUR MIND!

California is known for their liberal extremist policies, but they still manage to shock the rest of the country with each new low they hit. Sacramento, for example, has decided to give residents of public housing a new perk: free cars!

The “Sacramento Bee” reported that the city has allotted $1.3 million from the California Environmental Protection Agency for a “mini-fleet” of 300 cars for residents of public housing. Not only will they get handed free cars, the residents will also have gas, maintenance and insurance paid for by the state.

The cars are electric cars, manufactured by a private company called “Zipcar.” Zipcar is a car-sharing company, where people reserve the car when they need to use it, either by the hour or by the day (up to seven days), with a variety of payment plans available.

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Interestingly, a large part of the appeal of electric cars for liberals is that they are supposedly better for the environment. But what liberals ignore is where the electricity to fuel these cars comes from: coal, of course. Coal-fired power plants are currently the largest producer of greenhouse gas pollution in the country and it’s expected to get worse as electric cars grow in popularity. The Scientific American has pointed out that a conventional hybrid, like the Toyota Prius, produces the same amount of greenhouse gas pollution as the all-electric Nissan Leaf. So are electric cars really better for the environment?

But more importantly, why are people living in public housing being given this privilege for free to begin with?

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So, the million-dollar question is, what have these Sacramento residents done to deserve a fleet of cars?

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