L.A. Shelters May Impose Vegan Diet on Dogs

L.A. Shelters May Impose Vegan Diet on Dogs

As the state plunges over the precipice into an abyss of sheer moonbattery, even stray dogs are advised to escape California:

Those dogs’ dinners could be swapped out for a plant-based food under a proposal before the Los Angeles City Board of Animal Services Commissioners. The change, which commissioners could decide Tuesday, would make the city’s shelter system the first in the nation to feed its canine residents a vegan diet, according to its chief veterinarian.

Ever seen a dog’s teeth? They aren’t herbivore teeth, like horses have. They aren’t the teeth of omnivores like humans, for whom a normal diet consists of both plants and animals. Dogs are carnivores. They were designed to eat primarily meat.

The purpose of imposing this unnatural and unhealthy diet on the 33,000 dogs that go through L.A.’s shelters each year is the usual — left-wing posturing:

Supporters, who include musician and animal rights activist Moby and the feminist lawyer Lisa Bloom, say that is one of the selling points: to make L.A. shelter dogs the vanguard of a meat-free movement.

If these militant kooks would take meat away from dogs, you can be sure they will also take it away from you, just as soon as they have the political leverage.

“If we adopt this, it’s one more thing that proves to the world that Los Angeles really is the progressive capital,” Moby, whose real name is Richard Hall, testified at the board’s meeting last month.

I was going to suggest that Moby go back to playing his music. But then I remembered what Moby’s music sounds like.

The idea was proposed by Commissioner Roger Wolfson, a Hollywood screenwriter who … said rethinking the dogs’ meals is about far more sweeping matters — the environmental effect of a meat industry that produces the main ingredients in lots of dog food and the ethics of feeding animals to animals.

Some liberal elitists actually believe their screwball ideology applies outside of their little bubble of moonbat idiocy. Next, they will require their sacred polar bears to eat tofu seals.

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