Clemson’s student gov’t VP is IMPEACHED by students after he disrespects flag to support NFL protest

Clemson’s student gov’t VP is IMPEACHED by students after he disrespects flag to support NFL protest

Oh boy, the liberals are going to have a field day with this one.

The black Vice President of the student body government at Clemson has been impeached after he sat through the National Anthem as a protest, though those involved in the impeachment process say that the action taken against him has nothing to do with that.

Jaren Stewart was impeached by a secret vote that was passed 40-18 on Monday, with the date of his impeachment trial being announced next week.

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The fact that this took place after he decided to protest the Pledge of Allegiance is irrelevant, according to Student Senator Miller Hoffman, who insisted that the decision had been made after a series of disturbing allegations had been made against Stewart. These included theft, voyeurism, trespassing and intimidation.

A report from April 2017 indicates that Stewart had a habit of breaking into dorms and stealing food, cleaning supplies and other items. It is also reported that he had entered “McCabe 0220” while there were women changing and showering. When told that he had to leave, he would not do so.

During a meeting among Senate members, Stewart allegedly intimidated a fellow resident who was against a piece of legislation that he supported. He reportedly told her that she “shouldn’t vote against things you do not know anything about.” She indicated that this meeting intimidated her and made her feel unsafe.

After the protest, Stewart noted that while African American students may not face overt racial hatred on the campus (meaning none because America isn’t nearly as racist as the SJWs want you to think it is), they can still experience “airs of racism” in classrooms.

“The social exclusion and isolation is very real and very damaging to students here,” he stated, explaining why he decided to protest the Pledge in late September.

Many students as well as those in the community have expressed their opinions on the impeachment, but I can tell you this: I wouldn’t want anyone who ogles naked women in the shower and doesn’t leave when told to do so to have any position of power. Perhaps that bothers me the most because I am a woman, but it seems to me that this reason alone would be enough to impeach him.

I assure you that if President Trump did something like this (or Pence, for accuracy) that there would be calls for impeachment and jail time.

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