Liberals Lose Their Minds Over Signs on College Campuses That Say ‘It’s Okay To Be White’

Liberals Lose Their Minds Over Signs on College Campuses That Say ‘It’s Okay To Be White’

In a time where progressives everywhere are attacking being white as the root of all evil, being okay with your whiteness is now viewed as dangerous. In fact, it has many liberals running for their safe spaces.

Signs that say, “It’s OK To Be White” have been popping up all over the place, leaving at least one college student feeling “threatened.” One of the schools where the pieces of paper have appeared is launching an “investigation” into the matter.

This goes to show how backwards things have become in America. Saying “you’re not a bad person just because you’re white” is now something that needs to be investigated. Personally, I feel more threatened by professors who decry “whiteness” on a daily basis and use skin color as a way to exclude people from certain discussions, but perhaps that’s just me.

The world is so backwards that posting signs like this is considered to be inciting “racial, political tensions” according to media outlets.

While I disagree that this is something that is worth “investigating,” it does appear that this was planned somewhere and carried out by a large number of people. Whether it was intended to cause unrest or not (I suspect it was), there is no reason that people should be tearing down signs that say, “It’s OK To Be White,” because the message is not wrong. There is nothing wrong with being any race. The fact that this is upsetting to some people shows that while we have made a lot of progress in race relations, we still have a long way to go.

If you’re one of those people who get triggered by inanimate pieces of paper that tell white people that they’re not horrible for being white, you should be asking yourself why. I mean, really, why does it bother you that white people are sick of being attacked for something we can’t control? Why does it bother you that others want to make them feel safe and valid? If this actually troubles you, maybe you should seek out therapy, because it’s clear that you have some unresolved issues.

Making someone feel bad about their race is so 1960s. Let’s live in the future where it’s okay to be whatever race you’re born as, okay? And the people taking down these signs are part of the problem. Way to make white people feel attacked, guys. Very progressive of you.

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