School Worried About Kids Being Competitive Removed Valedictorian Status

School Worried About Kids Being Competitive Removed Valedictorian Status

If you think that the participation trophy culture has gone too far, then boy are you in for a largely disappointing treat.

Schools are no longer giving out the title of “Valedictorian” to the students who have earned it, because they’re afraid that it encourages too much competition and influences class selection. Yes, because why on Earth would we want to encourage excellence among children? What is that shenanigans?

According to the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP), more than half of the high schools in the United States don’t display class rank, while many give out awards to all students who reach a certain grade point average instead of the highest-rating students.

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The NASSP believes that schools should encourage cooperation, not competition, among students.

Dana Monogue, assistant superintendent for Elmbrook School District in Wisconsin said, “[W]e are encouraged by any movement that helps students understand that they’re more than a score, that they’re more than a rank,” despite the fact that her school does in fact rank the valedictorian and salutatorian for the purpose of the Wisconsin scholarship program.

This is more ridiculous feel-good crap from the left to make kids feel good about not striving for success.

I graduated from high school 4 years ago and during my time there, I never once heard any mention about the valedictorian or salutatorian ranks except the week before graduation. None of the students (to the best of my knowledge) based their classes on what was necessary to achieve the title. In fact, we were all significantly more concerned about the jobs we wanted in the future and what classes are necessary to move us toward our desired occupations.

To the best of my knowledge again, there were no students lamenting that they weren’t smart enough to be valedictorian or salutatorian. There was no real “competition” in any meaningful sense. Trust me when I say this is just adults looking to do something that makes THEM feel better and in return, discouraging hard work from students.

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