Triggered University Professor Uses American Flag To Make KKK Hoods – Calls It Art

Triggered University Professor Uses American Flag To Make KKK Hoods – Calls It Art

I’m a lover of art in all of its forms: Music, paintings, dance, food, etc. It is one of those things that is extremely subjective and personal, with one person finding something beautiful, evocative and moving, while another person just sees a series of lines and color and not much else.

There are some things, however, that will never fall under the “art” category, no matter what some progressive professor at some government-funded University has to say.

For instance, Ku Klux Klan hoods that were fashioned from American flags.

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I know what you’re thinking: “Wow, yet another leftist “art” teacher thinks America is terrible and wants to make us look bad by creating some edgy statement that will get them attention. Yawn.” Believe me, I get it. It’s hard to continue to care about something when it happens day in and day out. We become numb to the deluge of hatred and bigotry we see on a daily basis and begin to tune it out.

But there are several reasons why this “art” is particularly egregious.

First, University of Miami sculpture professor Billie Grace Lynn supposedly got the “inspiration” for this piece from the August march in Charlottesville. Which would be totally logical and justified if the American left and right hadn’t come out and loudly and firmly denounced partnership with those fools. The majority of America doesn’t think the way they do. They are a negligible percentage of the population and to use the American flag to represent them is offensive. Why not use the Nazi flag? It would have been a lot more accurate and more people would support you.

Her website provides insight into her shallow thought process that has been tainted with liberal ideology and self-hatred.

“‘American Mask’ is a work suggesting that bigotry and racism are hiding behind our American flag,” she writes. “By using the shape of KKK hoods made from the American flags, I point to our sad history of intolerance and violence and hope that the work acts to awaken citizens to the danger of confusing bigotry with patriotism.”

Nobody is confusing bigotry with patriotism, you walnut! We have already stated the the neo-Nazis of the alt-right don’t represent us or any other part of America. Like the black supremacy crowd, they are a small, insignificant group of people who are obsessed with skin color because they have nothing else going for them in life.

For you to disrespect an entire country, a country that progressed beyond the institutions of slavery and indentured servitude faster than any other on the planet, is intellectually insulting. It’s clear that you majored in pottery creation because history was too difficult for you. Stick to your art and let the critical thinking be done by those of us more qualified to do so.

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