UC Berkeley Snowflakes Release Podcast – Recordings of Students Having SEX

UC Berkeley Snowflakes Release Podcast – Recordings of Students Having SEX

Gross. I mean really, pornographically GROSS. It’s not bad enough that UC Berkeley is a hot bed for fascists and radicals… it’s ground zero for violence against conservatives. But when they aren’t rioting and getting their violence on, they’re getting their whoopi on. The Daily Cal, a rag known for highlighting the sex lives of campus students, has provided us with… wait for it… “Surprise Porn!” You get to hear all the attendant sounds that go along with students having sex or masturbating. I need a shower after writing this just for the creepy, dirty factor.

We aren’t talking, sweet young campus romance here. We are talking hookup culture and all its baseness. This publication is also known for showcasing the evils of white supremacy and the glory of social justice. It’s not even fit to be used in the bathroom. It’s just that bad. “Surprise Porn!” has been a relative success, with 1,227 listens on its official SoundCloud page, a significant increase from the previous episode, “Marandah’s Mission,” which clocked in a mere 218. Looks like sex still sells.

From HeatStreet:

In the latest installment of college kids sad attempts at provocation, the Daily Californian‘s “Hard & Soft” podcast has released an episode solely featuring the noises of students at the University of California at Berkeley having sex and masturbating.

Entitled “Surprise Porn!” the episode begins with a woman named Ashley speaking softly and introducing the “little treat put together.”  For the next five minutes, listeners are given a show featuring various moans, vibrator hums, and other sounds that someone not exposed to Berkeley’s sexual enlightenment might have problems identifying.

The Daily Cal, is known for its provocative coverage of campus sex life.  In October of last year, paper columnist Chris Cox derided the gay hookup app “Grindr” as a perpetuator of “bedside racism.”

Other columns currently featured on the Daily Cal’s site include “Big p***y,” by Kyle Sammons, “White supremacy produces disproportionate environmental pollution,” by Jibril Kyser, and “Growing use of soy products has global consequences,” by Nina Angelo.

I gave a call to the Daily Cal‘s editor in chief, Karim Doumar, to see if he could help me identify any of the sounds on “Hard & Soft,” to which he responded that the paper does not provide comment on content “like this.”

I refuse to listen to the podcast, but I’ve lived long enough to pretty much know what you are in for. Why? Why? Why? What in the hell purpose does this serve? Shock value? Entertainment of some sick sort? I don’t get it. You know, you can pretty much judge a society’s devolution by how low they sink to entertain themselves. This is scraping bottom.

May I just ask WTH bedside racism is? Man… I don’t know about you, but I’m sick to death of racism, gender crap, social justice and this manic twisted sex idiocy. You people are pathetic. Incapable of having a normal relationship or of being able to write a decent article, this is where The Daily Cal trolls for readers, listeners and followers. They must be right at home at UC Berkeley these days.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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