Canada’s Trudeau Rows Back On ‘Refugee Promise’ As Migrants Receive $2.6 Million A Month

Canada’s Trudeau Rows Back On ‘Refugee Promise’ As Migrants Receive $2.6 Million A Month

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has always been a fairly big fan of immigration and has welcomed “refugees” with open arms. He’s not afraid of “diversity,” unlike the terribly xenophobic United States who won’t blindly accept newcomers who haven’t been properly vetted from a section of the world that promotes and supports radical Islamic terrorism. Like, that’s insane, right?

Nothing bad can ever happen to Canada. They’re “tolerant” and “peaceful” which obviously means they’re safe from terrorism and other radical Islamic violence.


The Canadian government is now going to hand out welfare checks for around 4,000 refugees while Trudeau begins to backpedal his open borders policy for immigration.

The monthly checks will amount to somewhere around $623, meaning the cost is going to end up being $2.6M (Canadian) per month and around $31M annually.

Recipients of the checks are going to be forced to undergo a “revenue test” (how long before that’s deemed racist?) to see if they are able to receive the full amount and the Employment Minister Francois Blais stated that additional funds may be available to families who meet certain eligibility requirements.

“Quebec has responsibilities in immigration,” Blais told a news conference.

“Now they’ll be getting welfare, they’ll be able to rent an apartment and get out of temporary accommodation, which is a good thing because it is pretty costly.”

But now Trudeau is seemingly backtracking his stance on immigration, telling reporters earlier this week: “For someone to successfully seek asylum it’s not about economic migration.”

“It’s about vulnerability, exposure to torture or death, or being stateless people. If they are seeking asylum we’ll evaluate them on the basis of what it is to be a refugee or asylum seeker,” he continued.

I’m not gonna lie, it’s always satisfying to watch someone who is so idyllic in their approach to serious topics such as immigration become aware that their Utopian vision for their country doesn’t mesh with reality. I’m not under the delusion that Trudeau will ever approach a more conservative stance on “refugees,” but for the sake of his people, I’m glad he’s seeing the light.

Even if it’s just a flicker.

H/T: Breitbart

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