Islamic State Fighter Returns To Canada With One Excuse – ‘We All Do Things We Regret’ [VIDEO]

Islamic State Fighter Returns To Canada With One Excuse – ‘We All Do Things We Regret’ [VIDEO]

He must be Canadian if he thinks he can get away with saying “I’m Sorry.”

A Pakistani-Canadian man recently slunk back to the True North after having run away to join ISIS in Syria last year. We don’t have much official information, but we do know that he’s in his 20s and was promised an “Islamic utopia,” but when he found that ISIS was just a very controlling police state, he decided it was high time to high tail it back to Canada.

On his return to the Toronto area last summer after spending six months with ISIS, he only just now has been speaking to Canadian media. In speaking to Global News, the man said of his vacation to be an ISIS pawn said:

“We all do things that we regret… all that’s behind me.”

He talks about joining ISIS and then regretting it like someone who accidentally let dinner burn in the oven. No, he sounds even less bothered than by someone forgetting to turn on an egg timer.

In his interview, he said that there are dozens “like him” all across Canada, calling them “returnees,” who got bored of working with terrorist groups and wanted to go back to Canada where they could enjoy things like indoor plumbing and not being immediately thrown into jail. When ISIS collapses in Syria and Iraq, even more are expected to turn up back in the country, hat in hand, looking for forgiveness.

The poor fellow, who said he was “frightened and disillusioned,” escaped and took a motorcycle north into Turkey where he was promptly arrested and deported back to Canada.

We don’t know how many returnees are in Canada because Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (below) hasn’t bothered to release any of those stats. In a Royal Canadian Mounted Police report, they admitted that the returnees may be targeting elements of Canadian society by using their terroristic training and they might also be using Canada as a base of operations to target Americans.

Justin Trudeau, son of the former Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau, who famously skipped out on WW2 to play around on his Harley while wearing a German military helmet, is the head of the Liberal Party of Canada whose famous quotes include gems like:

“The Liberal Party believes that terrorists should be able to keep their citizenship.”

“If you kill your enemies, they win.”

“Honor killings shouldn’t be called ‘barbaric.'”

Scroll down for a video by The Rebel Media for more “beauties,” as Canadians call ’em.

Oh, and before I forget: Justin Trudeau is the guy who gave $10,000,000 to recent Gitmo attendee Omar Khadr who was in lock-up for murdering an American medic in Afghanistan with al Qaeda.

So, on hearing the story of the man who worked as morality police in ISIS for six months, who decided to go back “home” to Canada, the Conservative Party of Canada started attacking the Liberal Party’s stance on their attitude towards terrorists.

I keep telling you: America doesn’t just need a southern wall, they need a northern one too!

Margaret M.

Internet Specialist at Warfare Media.

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