SURPRISE! Canada To Be First In N. America To BAN Burkas In Public Places

SURPRISE! Canada To Be First In N. America To BAN Burkas In Public Places

It would seem as if legislators in the Canadian province of Quebec have had just about enough with ‘special treatment’. Now whether you can call it that or not, is up to whose viewing.

Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard was the one who introduced to Quebec City an idea. According to him, they should vote on a bill that would make it illegal to wear any sort of face covering or hat that would obstruct the face from identification. This heavy includes the Islamic niqab and burka.

Some of the jobs that this ban would include would be doctors, nurses, teachers, day care workers and so on. You can see just by that definition, just how fast this would spread.

Quebec Justice Minister Stéphanie Vallée made the case for such a law:

“As long as the service is being rendered, the face should be uncovered. This is a bill about le vivre ensemble (living together in harmony). It’s a bill about guidelines and clearly establishes neutrality of the state.”

I guess the whole idea, or driving force that is pushing this move, is anticipation for how people look and act while in public. There is a standard and according to these officials in Canada, religious beliefs cannot be left to compromise the public’s safety.

Vallée had this to say:

“Having your face uncovered is a legitimate question of communication, identification and security.”

This is the kind of issue that is sure to rile up liberals, as they believe that anything having to do with Muslims is racism. I mean, the word has been used so often in the wrong way, that it has lost its sting long ago. This isn’t about a religion. It’s about holding a standard that everyone else follows, for the safety of the public.

But as expected, there were quite a few Muslims who were not happy about the bill. Shaheen Ashraf is one of many members of the Canadian Council of Muslim Women and has stated that she is disturbed that such a bill would even be brought forward.

“I think it’s basically fear-mongering and pandering to these fearful people, you know? I mean, there are some Quebecers who have never met another Muslim, you know? Because once you meet the person you know that they are just normal human beings like yourself.”

But when Vallée caught wind of Ashraf’s concerns, she had some words for her:

“We’re talking about having the face uncovered — it’s not what is covering the face.”

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