Actor James Franco Says He ‘Spiraled Into a Depression’ After Trump Victory

Actor James Franco Says He ‘Spiraled Into a Depression’ After Trump Victory

Actor-turned-director James Franco says that he really couldn’t handle the election of Donald Trump and handled it “really badly,” which has led him to suffer from it psychologically.

No, Franco. You are just a Hollywood basket-case…what your’re feeling is normal for your kind.


James Franco spoke with The Daily Beast about the matter:

“I mean, I’ve been reacting really badly! I’ve spiraled into a depression and I’ve been questioning everything that I am, and how I’ve been doing things.”

The 38 year-old star supported Hillary Clinton in October via a spoof video of the famous Dos Equis beer “Most Interesting Man in the World” commercials.

“She’s the most interesting woman in the world,” According to his ad…

Yes. Interesting that she couldn’t beat a reality TV showman. Interesting that she lost, AGAIN. Interesting that she couldn’t take a hint even from her own side and realize this important fact – NO ONE LIKED HER.

The pampered Oscar-nominated actor believes that for him, “it’s been a rough few months.”

Franco is presently making the media rounds to promote his bio drama: I Am Michael, which tells the story of a gay activist who rejects his homosexuality after accepting God.

The film’s director, Justin Kelly, had this to say about the Vice-President: “Maybe Mike Pence will watch it and learn something.”

The Hollywood left, ladies and gentlemen – and all their smug and total lack of self-awareness. It completely baffles me that these people believe themselves to be perfect in every way…and you better believe they think that, because only a self-absorbed egotist would blame everything around them for how things turned out, without looking an inch inward and honestly questioning if they took any part in getting President Trump elected.

These idiots are so unaware, they are continuing to act like the same old elitists they are – furthering the movement away from the policies and cultural craziness of the last 8 years. The harder they try and dehumanize the right, the further they sink themselves into a pit.

Keep it up Hollywood. Keep proving to the world that you are all a bunch of complete worthless douche bags.

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