Adam Baldwin SPANKS David Crosby For Tweeting ‘Trump Dummies’ Aren’t Welcome At His Shows

Adam Baldwin SPANKS David Crosby For Tweeting ‘Trump Dummies’ Aren’t Welcome At His Shows

Twitter user Craig Rabe had some constructive criticism for David Crosby following a show that Mr. Rabe paid to see. You would think that, being an entertainer, you should be sensitive to the opinions of your audience given that your entire living revolves around keeping them pouring in to see you.

Not Mr. Crosby, however, who basically told Rabe to kick rocks, insulting a rather large section of America based on their political beliefs.

And it’s nothing that Trump supporters aren’t used to at this point.

So, here is how this whole mess started. Rabe went to a Crosby show and didn’t particularly like the way that the entertainer spoke about his politics. He posted a rather kind message on Facebook regarding his opinion.

Instead of taking this as a warning that perhaps he should avoid fanning the flames of political divide, Crosby replied with an extremely rude message, telling Rabe and all other “Trump dummies” to take a hike.

Well, Twitter didn’t take too kindly to that, especially Adam Baldwin who took only 5 words to put Crosby and all in Hollywood who share his views right back in their place.

I have no shame in admitting that I had to Google who David Crosby was before writing this article because until today, I had never heard of him, If this is the kind of garbage human being he is, I also could have lived the rest of my life without knowing he existed.

I have no problems with celebrities having political opinions, I really don’t. But when they start pushing away parts of their audience because they disagree with them, then we have problems. It’s a horrible decision, considering how strong political polarization is these days. This is a really good way to shrink your crowds in a hurry.

It’s good to know that conservatives have friends in Hollywood (like Baldwin) who are willing to stand up for us when one of their own lets their “elite” status go to their heads. Just because you’re an over-paid circus clown does not mean that you get to dump all over me and my beliefs. I assure you, Crosby, that I have spent more time evaluating political goings on in this country than you have and I have made my decisions accordingly. This is what I do, so to have some old socialist like you tell me that I’m not good enough to come to your show simply because we disagree politically makes you the “dummy” here, not me.

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