Alyssa Milano Will Take Fight Against Trump ‘To The Streets’ If Mueller Is Fired

Alyssa Milano Will Take Fight Against Trump ‘To The Streets’ If Mueller Is Fired

I can say with absolute certainty and no hesitation at all that I have never been less afraid of anything in my life. Seriously, I’m more concerned about the quality of my next eyebrow wax than I am about a bunch of petulant little whine-babies taking to the streets, lead by a Hollywood bubble head with an IQ around room temperature. (And this is coming from the girl who screams at the sight of dead bugs, okay? DEAD.)

Oh, but that doesn’t stop the likes of Alyssa Milano from threatening to “take to the streets” if President Trump decided to fire special investigator Robert Mueller.

You and what army? The Snowflake Brigade?

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There has been some chatter regarding whether Trump should fire Special Investigator Robert Mueller after it was made clear that there are charges to be filed and the first indictments could come as early as Monday. Of course that would be absolutely ridiculous to do and would reek of guilt, but there are also people who are fighting against that idea. People such as political brain trust Alyssa Milano.

Of course, there were Twitter users who didn’t much like the tone of her tweet, which seemed to imply violence.

And then there was this gem, which you KNOW cut deep.

Perhaps Hollywood should withdraw from politics for a little bit. You know, get their own house in order before trying to tell people how to run theirs? Just a thought.

Milano and her ilk need to realize that nobody actually listens to what they have to say because they’re some sort of political guru. They do nothing more than reinforce the liberal ideals of their fellow liberals because feelings trump facts in their world. That being said, if anyone actually listens to an actress’ call to “the streets” over a political matter, they’re not very bright.

So, to Mz. Milano, I pose this question: What is your ultimate goal? What do you want to be known for? Enacting political change or acting? Because you really can’t have both. You need to pick one. And by the way, if you’re worried that nobody will listen to you if you stop acting, that should tell you a lot about how valuable your political input is.

Why don’t you go home and work on outing pedophiles and sexual abusers in your own circles, where you can actually affect a healthy, useful change?

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