AMAZING: Snoop Dogg Has a Message for BLM and Police…And It’s Going VIRAL! [VIDEO]

AMAZING: Snoop Dogg Has a Message for BLM and Police…And It’s Going VIRAL! [VIDEO]

The world is frickin’ upside down. Snoop Dogg and the Game led a march to the LAPD headquarters… not to protest the police, but to show their support and for unity. That’s a lot more than our so-called president has done. Rappers and Los Angeles-area natives the Game and Snoop Dogg led a unification march for men of color Friday morning to the LAPD’s graduation of its newest officers, hours after five Dallas police officers were shot and killed and seven others were wounded during a sniper attack. Now, it wasn’t all surreal and I don’t care for the following statement, because it sounds like it accuses police of hunting black men: About 6:30 a.m., the Game posted on his Instagram account a call for black, Mexican and men of all races to march to the Los Angeles Police Department’s headquarters to “make the Californian government & it’s law branches aware that from today forward, we will be UNIFIED as minorities & we will no longer allow them to hunt us or be hunted by us !!!” But overall it was peaceful and it was their way of trying to mend the rift between the people and the police.

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From Clash Daily:

Snoop Dogg has a message for cops that is sending shockwaves across the #BlackLivesMatter crowd.

Do you think this is the best response possible to the Dallas shooting? The race baiters won’t like this because it’s actually constructive and leads to peace and unity.

The Game said women and children should stay away, “THIS IS OUR MISSION FOR THEM,” he wrote. The Game, a Compton native whose legal name is Jayceon Terrell Taylor, said in his announcement the march had to be peaceful. “Do not: bring any weapons or anything illegal. Do not come high or belligerent … We don’t need any HOT HEADS or anyone there for the wrong reasons… We will stand as we are, UNIFIED. I’m calling ALL GANGS, ALL RACES, ALL GROWN MEN affiliated or not & we will stand UNIFIED.” Snoop Dogg, whose real name is Calvin Broadus, said organizers didn’t know there was an LAPD recruit graduation scheduled for Friday morning. The point of the march was to reintroduce the Police Department to members of the community it serves, he told reporters at the scene. About 50 men joined the march to LAPD headquarters. “The mission is to reintroduce our community to the LAPD… just to get some understanding and dialogue,” he said. “We’re the ones they’re going to be dealing with, we’re the ones that are going to be pulled over. … We’re here on peace.” “We don’t have to fear each other today,” he said. I wish that were true… but right now cops are being hunted down and executed. I fear it will take much more than this to stop the bloodshed.

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