‘America’s Got Talent’ In Hot Water For What They Did To Young Contestant On Stage (VIDEO)

‘America’s Got Talent’ In Hot Water For What They Did To Young Contestant On Stage (VIDEO)

“America’s Got Talent” is a reality competition show that is meant to be family-friendly. Performers of varying ages, including children, adults and seniors, compete to win a cash prize and the opportunity to perform in Las Vegas. But treatment of two children has many viewers calling foul.

10 year-old Angelica Hale was made to stand on stage alongside fellow finalist Darci Lynne, a 12 year-old ventriloquist, for 30 minutes before it was finally announced that she had lost to Lynne. Hale was described as “traumatized” and during the time that the two contestants had to wait, both appeared to be distressed in the footage.

Angelica seemed that she was ready to burst into tears — and at one point, did. And it was then that producers zoomed in on her, seemingly anxious to capitalize on her crying. But as soon as Lynne was announced the winner, Hale stopped crying, seemingly relieved that the tension and waiting was over.

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It was then announced that Hale would join Lynne for two dates at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. Earlier that night, Hale had performed alongside superstar Kelly Clarkson. She later sent out a series of happy tweets, congratulating Lynne for her success.

Still, some were not happy about what Hale was put through on the show. “Felt badly for both girls; they looked traumatized up there on stage,” one woman tweeted. “I am a huge fan of AGT, yet even I had issues with the way last night was handled,” another person commented at the Daily Mail. “Someone should have been on the stage with her as soon as possible. For a very brief moment she stood there alone crying while all the attention was on the winner. Eventually I saw Simon [Cowell] come to comfort her.” Another person agreed, writing, “They should have allowed a parent to stand next to them. they were obviously under huge stress.”

Still, not everyone thought this was an issue. “Well,” one person wrote. “The parents and the kid agreed to this!!” Another commented, “Oh boo hoo so she went through some harmless tension,would have been the same no matter where she was standing. The runner up has a very bright future ahead of her with ups and downs along the way.this will only make her stronger.A lot of worse things to have to worry about growing up.”

Do you think this was out of line?

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