Ashley Judd Claims Victim to “Everyday Sexism” After Airport Security Compliments Her Dress [VIDEO]

Ashley Judd Claims Victim to “Everyday Sexism” After Airport Security Compliments Her Dress [VIDEO]

Being one of the craziest celebrities has to be exhausting. Ashley Judd is trying to make a major incident out of a nice compliment from an airline employee and if she thinks sexism is when someone points out and says something nice about your feminine article of clothing, I have some Islamic countries she ought to visit.

I am writing this from a security checkpoint at an airport right now and I had the nerve to be flattered when one of the ladies checking us complimented my hair. The horror!

So, after this harrowing incident, Judd recorded two videos, both put together into one single track below. Her testimony is written out partially here:

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As reported in Breitbart:

“I’m traveling today, and this is the kind of thing to me that happens which I categorize as everyday sexism,” Judd said. “And it’s so easy to let it go, and not to speak up, particularly when it’s so easy for someone to push back and say, ‘Oh, I was just being polite,’ or something like that.”

The 49 year-old also said:

“I didn’t see him touch anybody else,” the actress said. “And I turned around and sad, ‘That was unnecessary.’ By the time, my skin is burning, my feet are burning, it’s so hard to continue to set these boundaries when someone continues to push.”

Judd added that as she was leaving, the agent called her a “sweetheart” once more. Because she was early for her flight, the actress said she spoke with a manager and explained the situation.

But, things were still so awful for her. We should join in and pray she gets through this horrible tragedy.

“I caught my breath and I said my prayers, and you know, my intention is to put principles above personalities. I’m not here to be controversial, I’m not here to be combative.”

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