Beyonce Tries To Trademark Daughter, Blue Ivy – Demands Company Change Their Name

Beyonce Tries To Trademark Daughter, Blue Ivy – Demands Company Change Their Name

Who does something like this? This takes conceit to a whole new level. If you haven’t heard, Beyond is trying to trademark her daughter’s name… Blue Ivy. Now, she’s demanding that details of the litigation be kept quiet. Beyonce’s company BGK Trademark Holdings has lashed out against ‘Blue Ivy’ events for its ‘desire to harass’ the mother-of-three in the tug-of-war over the unique moniker. Since when does Beyonce get to trademark her daughter’s name and bully a company into giving up their name over it? What a witch. She’s been in legal proceedings over this since 2012 when her daughter was born… the only snag was a company already had that name and she’s ticked over it. She claims that Veronica Morales, the owner of the event planning company, is harassing her. Right.

Bey’s lawyers are demanding that the proceedings be kept quiet out of concern of ‘privacy’ and ‘physical safety’ for the celebrity family. WTH? She’s hushing it up because it makes her look like the vain, entitled seahag she is. If you haven’t figured it out by now, Beyonce is in love… with herself. In February, Beyonce’s company filed a trademark application to launch a series of products under the name of Blue Ivy – which included everything from mobile devices, hair care, a clothing line and even video games. It was challenged by Morales, who claimed BeyoncĂ© had no intention of actually selling products and instead wants the name ‘merely so that nobody else’ does. Which is right on target.

Morales started and named her business three years before Beyonce’s daughter was born. This should be a no-brainer and Beyonce should be bounced from court. Last June, Jonathan Schwartz, the former executive vice president of BGK Trademark Holdings, was forced to testify in regards to whether Beyonce had committed fraud. Ouch. In 2012, BeyoncĂ© filed an ‘intent to use’ application covering 14 international trademark classes. The US Trademark Act states the request may only be filed by a person “who has a bona fide intention, under circumstances showing the good faith of such person, to use a trademark in commerce.” Yeah, that wouldn’t be Beyonce. The songstress filed five extensions with the US Patent and Trademark Office requesting additional time to file statements showing the use of the Blue Ivy Carter mark. In 2016, BGK gave up on the application, but Schwartz filed another request earlier that year for Beyonce.

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Beyonce and hubby have now filed for trademarks on the names of their twins, Rumi Carter and Sir Carter. Way to exploit your kids. I’ve got news for Beyonce… she’s not a goddess and Jay Z is not a god. And you don’t get your way legally just because you are a celebrity. Get over yourselves.

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