Black Backup Dancer Is Being Shredded For Appearing In A Taylor Swift Music Video

Black Backup Dancer Is Being Shredded For Appearing In A Taylor Swift Music Video

Taylor Swift has a hot new song and video out, it’s called Look What You Made Me Do. It’s edgy, it’s cool, it’s a bit of a departure for her and…it’s apparently proof of a well known black dancer being a “sellout” to the black and gay communities. How is it proof? Well, the mere fact that this very talented dancer, Todrick Hall, was even in the video, a video made by a white performer, means he’s a sellout in the eyes of the so-called “woke police.”

Instead of being congratulated on being included in his friend Taylor’s big new project, many of his fellow black Americans excoriated him mercilessly for it. In their eyes, a black performer working with a white performer means the black performer hates black people. Which of course is completely ridiculous and is nothing more than the ramblings of an unhinged racist mind.

Todrick says, “Yes, I have gotten comments from people who are upset and have literally said the fact that I am friends with a white person is a problem, because white people don’t possess the ability to love or ever truly care about black people. And I find that very disheartening. It’s just really difficult for me to understand why it is an issue for people, a legitimate issue, that I have white friends, and that Taylor Swift happens to be one of my many white friends.”

He went on to explain the secret lingo of the “woke police” when he said, “Apparently there’s a thing called the ‘cookout,’ which is like your invitation to be a part of the black community. Some people have, like, deemed themselves the Woke Police, and they decide to strip you online of your invitation to attend the ‘cookout.’ It boggles my mind that people are deciding whether or not I’m down enough, black enough, or woke enough to be ‘invited.’ If I have to hate people and judge people based on their race, sexual orientation, or religion, then sorry, but I’d rather order pizza.”

Hall went on to explain, “Yeah, many people have been tweeting me, ‘She supports Trump! She probably voted for Trump!’ They’re making this huge assumption, when Taylor has never to my knowledge come out and said anything about her being pro-Trump. But people would still rather believe that she is the one who is pushing Trump’s agenda. That was one of the major things that was tweeted at me, and I’m like, ‘So you are mad that you think she might support Donald Trump? But you’re not mad that Kanye has been very openly pro-Trump?’ I don’t understand that.”

It seems that too many in the African American community don’t want a society where we are all judged by the content of our character and not by the color of our skin. Too many see only color; not friendship, not talent, not love, not goodness. They see every single situation in terms of race. They want to segregate themselves away from people of other races. They want to avoid contact with Caucasian people and see them as enemies. And they will brutally skewer on social media anyone who thinks that all races should live, work, love and laugh together.

There’s a name for people who think only in terms of race, who see everything through the lens of race, who cannot and will not extend themselves to be friends and coworkers with everyone of every race. Those folks are called racists. Todrick Hall, you are actually living out Martin Luther King’s dream. The racists who are criticizing you are trying to kill that dream and turn it into a nightmare. Don’t listen to them. Keep being a man who knows that all of us are valuable and worthy of friendship, not just the people who look like us. We salute you Mr. Hall and may you find continued success in your profession.

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