Black Lives Matter Have New Target For Their Hate – THE KARDASHIANS…

Black Lives Matter Have New Target For Their Hate – THE KARDASHIANS…

Dear God… I’m about to slime myself. I find myself in the disgusting position of defending the Kardashians. How screwed up is that?

Black Lives Matter has come out and accused them of ‘appropriating’ black culture. And you know how? By braiding their freaking hair. They are claiming it is some kind of ethnocentric practice going back forever. Since when do blacks own braiding? Did they appropriate dying their hair blonde and straightening it from whites? This is just ridiculous beyond belief. Braids now make you racist.


From The Federalist Papers Project:

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The Black Lives Matter movement has given yet another reason to disagree with them and this one crosses a line — the Kardashian line — by forcing me to side with the Kardashians and I’m not at all happy about it.

The Daily Caller reported that the latest absurd statement by the Black Lives Matter movement involves criticizing celebrities for allegedly “appropriating” black culture by wearing their hair in boxer braids, a.k.a. cornrows.

Leading the communications activities of Black Lives Matter since January, Shanelle Matthews told The Daily Caller:

“Banking on blackness is a shameful enterprise, and the Kardashians are no better than racist judges, prison officials and corporations who make money off the incarceration of black bodies.”

I also fail to see how the Kardashians and other celebrities have anything to do whatsoever with prisons. Kim Kardashian is married to a black man. Is that now racist too? Are we going for racial purity and segregation as well?

Matthews goes on to add that black women and hair braiding is: “ritualistic, a sacred experience black women share with one another dating back to pre-colonial times. [Celebrities] are earning by mimicking our looks, some of which we are berated for wearing in public,” Matthews added.

Matthews claimed that calling out this so called “appropriation” isn’t petulant: “When we call out the appropriation of our beauty, it isn’t because we are being petulant, but because the Kardashians, and so many others have no conscience about how their appropriation of our culture disempowers and disenfranchises us.”

You poor, disenfranchised asshat. The Kardashians have their own form of beauty that belongs to them, not you. You are so vain and arrogant that you have confused indignation and jealousy with your general offence at anything that threatens you. Whine much? Newsflash: You are definitely racist.

I’m certainly no fan of the Kardashians… may I just say, ewwww! But… I’m even less of a fan of a bunch of militant, racist thugs who are jealous of anything and everything ‘white’ out there. Black performers don’t seem to have any problem whatsoever with white people buying their music or products. Their money spends just like any other. We are then told we must strive to understand black culture, but don’t embrace it because…. racist.

Is anyone else out there confused by this twisted logic? Not to mention the double standards going on. Here’s a thought… you can take your racism and hate and stuff it.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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