BOOM: Clint Eastwood Infuriates Hollywood Liberals, Says THIS About Trump

BOOM: Clint Eastwood Infuriates Hollywood Liberals, Says THIS About Trump

It seems to me that Clint Eastwood likes to go out of his way to piss off liberals and I can’t say I’m upset by that.

It’s actually quite funny to watch him make the Hollywood liberals look stupid.


From American News:

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Actor and director Clinton Eastwood is under fire after stating that Trump is “not racist” but only voicing what many people are already thinking. While he acknowledged that not everything Trump is saying is right, he argued that Americans have become to focused on political correctness.

In the recent interview, 86-year-old Eastwood also had some harsh criticisms for President Obama. Eastwood argued that Obama has no business in the White House, criticizing him for not being proactive in working with Congress for deals.

He criticized Obama’s entire generation in fact, claiming that many people within it do not want to do the work required of them.

Eastwood is the former mayor of Carmel, California. While he does not endorse either party, he has demonstrated very conservative values.

Eastwood’s son, Scott, notes that his father is the product of “a tougher generation that valued hard work [and] integrity.” He argued that this hard-work and discipline is what made his father as successful as he is today.

Do you stand with Eastwood, because I sure do! He’s not interested in telling people what they want to hear, but rather, what they NEED to hear.

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