BOOM: Sadie Robertson Risks Her Career to Publicly SNUB Hillary Clinton

BOOM: Sadie Robertson Risks Her Career to Publicly SNUB Hillary Clinton

Well, little Sadie Robertson is not so little anymore. She is now old enough to vote and that’s what she plans to do come November. Now she’s sharing with us ‘who’ she is voting for and why…. Sorry, not sorry…Hillary.

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From ET Online:

Robertson said that her father, Willie Robertson, has “been on the Trump train since day one,” but she wasn’t sure who she was going to support until she had the chance to “look into it” for herself. Ultimately, she came to the same conclusion as her dad.

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“I guess I’m on the Trump train too now,” the 19-year-old former Dancing With the Stars competitor said, smiling. “I just feel like I align most with his beliefs and views and I trust him.”

“We’re down to the two,” Robertson added, referring to Trump and the Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton. “So it’s kind of time to make a stance.”

Despite standing behind Trump and his position of making America “great again,” Robertson said she’s not sure if she’ll be joining her dad — who was a key speaker at the Republican National Convention last month — on the campaign trail as he stumps for the 70-year-old business magnate.

“People get really into politics, which you should. You should look into it, you should care about it, but … it’s a just kind of a touchy subject,” she explained.

“So haters, be nice!” She joked. “[I’m on a] ‘no hater’ diet right here.”

The girl obviously has a good head on her shoulders and as she says, she has done her homework to pick the candidate she can agree with. So, you tell them Sadie…and all the haters can just go slap themselves.

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