BOOM! Sheriff Clarke Just Told Beyonce To TAKE A SEAT – Issues Her THIS Challenge… [VIDEO]

BOOM! Sheriff Clarke Just Told Beyonce To TAKE A SEAT – Issues Her THIS Challenge… [VIDEO]

Beyonce, like all Americans, is free to hate police if she chooses to. However, considering that the famous singer relies upon police departments around the country to provide security for her concerts, she might want to reconsider her tendency to rabidly spew hatred of police officers when bolstering the black supremacist movement of Black Lives Matter. Now, Beyonce is suffering the consequences of her rhetoric as she is encountering police who refuse to work security for her events.


From BizPac Review:

Beyonce’s cop-bashing rhetoric might be coming back around to bite her.

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Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke joined Fox Business Channel’s “Mornings with Maria” to discuss members of the Pittsburg police department who are refusing to work security at the mega-star’s concert.

“How ironic that a cop-hating performer realizes she needs the American law enforcement officer to pull off her concert,” Sheriff Clarke said. “I don’t blame Pittsburgh’s finest for not volunteering for this assignment … I’m glad to see that they have enough morals to not – even at time-and-a-half – to volunteer for something like this.”

“I’m going to give her a chance to reset with the American police officer,” Sheriff Clarke said. He added that while he doesn’t believe Beyonce will change her cop-hating ways, she could do a lot to mend fences by donating proceeds of tonight’s concert to go to a fund for slain officer’s families.

“She has no idea what it’s like for the American law enforcement officer. We’re willing to risk our lives. We don’t get into this to die, but we will if we have to save somebody else.”

Clarke’s advice would indeed help to unite Americans, but don’t expect it to happen any time soon, if at all.

“She needs to realize the important role that the American law enforcement officer plays for her to pull off her concert, so she can make her millions,” Clarke said.

Former Homicide Detective Rod Wheeler joined the panel and agreed that Clarke’s idea on donating to charity is a great one, but said it will never happen.

He then doubled-down and asked why with the enormous wealth Beyoncé has amassed, she doesn’t just pay for her own security?

Good point. Why do police-supporting taxpayers have to be on the hook?

No, working a Beyonce concert is not like serving on the frontlines in Fallujah or being a street cop in South Central LA.

However, police officers risk their lives each and every day that they wear a uniform and these brave men and women should not feel compelled to perform an assignment to facilitate a singer who spews anti-police hatred.

Beyonce doesn’t like cops? That’s fine. She can suffer the consequences.

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