Caitlyn Jenner: Why Doesn’t Anyone Want to … Me?! [VIDEO]

Caitlyn Jenner: Why Doesn’t Anyone Want to … Me?! [VIDEO]

Former Olympian Bruce Jenner came out as a “woman” named ‘Caitlyn’ two years ago to Diane Sawyer. Ever since then, he has been living as a pretend woman, with most of the liberal media playing along and applauding him for his “bravery.” But apparently, he’s having a pretty big problem.

Jenner sat down for yet another interview with Diane Sawyer, this time with older sister Pam. And the two talked about the things that have changed in his life — and how somehow, he can’t seem to find a date. “I would love to see her have a companion someday, no idea what gender that person would be,” Pam said to Sawyer. Jenner agreed and said he was open to dating both men and women. But he doesn’t seem to have many takers.

“I don’t see dating really in my future. I’ve not been approached, I’ve never been out on a date,” he admitted. Somehow, this was surprising to Sawyer, who expressed shock that Jenner had been celibate for two years. The reality TV star just sighed. “I just have a lot of friends,” he said. “My life revolves around my kids and they’ll be in my life until the day I die.”

In 2013, Jenner’s marriage to Kardashian mom-ager Kris Jenner broke down, but it wasn’t because of Jenner’s desire to live as a trans woman, he claims. Jenner says that Kris was always aware of that. As for how he’s doing now, Jenner replied, “Happy. Peaceful. Peace in my soul. All of that confusion has left me.”

Sawyer remarked, “You told me two years ago, your feminine side was a part of you…” and Jenner responded with a laugh, saying, “Well, duh!”

He also claims that he has never doubted his decision. “Never. Never had a doubt,” he insisted. “I did the right thing.” He also says that he does not miss his life as Bruce.

Interestingly, Jenner also spoke about his political beliefs; he is an outspoken Republican who spoke at the Republican National Convention in 2016 and attended Donald Trump’s Liberty Ball during the inauguration. Still, he doesn’t fall completely in line with the GOP. “I am 100 per cent behind gay marriage. Let’s clear that up right now,” he said.

In John Hawkins’ new book ‘101 Things All Young Adults Should Know’, he teaches that men should embrace their masculinity and women should embrace their femininity. It seems that Jenner perhaps missed out on this vital life lesson.

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Here’s the thing: Jenner may feel feminine, but putting on a dress and some makeup, and mutilating his body, does not make him a woman. He is a man, he will always be a man and no matter how much he plays dress-up, nothing is ever going to change that.

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