Candace Cameron Bure harassed by savages for wearing shirt with only THREE words

Candace Cameron Bure harassed by savages for wearing shirt with only THREE words

Candace Cameron Bure was heckled and savagely harassed by monstrous liberals who were offended by her shirt that had just three words. THREE WORDS is all it took to trigger these trigglypoofs into posting horrific things on her Instagram account.

Her shirt said “Not Today Satan” and the saying comes from a drag queen named Biana Del Rio. Del Rio doesn’t like Bure and had some nasty words for her. Bure responded nicely, with kindness and wished the weirdo well. Del Rio’s followers, the humanoids they are, trashed Bure’s Instagram page with hateful messages. The tolerant left speaks again.

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Not Today Satan ????????????

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Del Rio did not like Bure, a conservative Christian, co-opting his saying, so he reposted her Instagram picture and added,”If only this homophobic, Republican knew.’

Del Rio’s reposting caused Bure’s Instagram page to be flooded with many profanity-laced and otherwise negative comments directed at her.

“Oh f–k off. You defended people who didn’t want to bake a cake for a gay couple. Sometimes people don’t realize they are bigots until the damage has already been done,” one wrote.

Bure received heat from her time on television’s The View (worst show in America) when she defended people who wouldn’t bake a cake for a gay couple. That decision was of the business owner and no one else. If that was my bakery, I’d bake a cake for anyone who had that cold hard cash to spend. Not my cake, but I’ll bake it for you if you’re paying. Doesn’t bother me. However. it did bother the owners of a bakery and Bure got some backlash for supporting them. I’ll support them too. It’s their business, they can do whatever they want with it. That’s how America works. They might lose business over it, but maybe they gain business too. Being gay isn’t exactly normal. It’s better than being a transgender, but it’s not the most normal thing on the planet.

If this celebrity bashing session teaches us one thing, it’s that left wingers are easily triggered. At the end of the day, it’s just a shirt. If that’s what triggers you into spewing messages laced with hateful words, then by all means you are literally the reason people voted for PRESIDENT Trump.

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