Carrie Underwood Rushed To Hospital

Carrie Underwood Rushed To Hospital

After falling outside of her Nashville home, Carrie Underwood has been taken to the hospital and was forced to cancel a benefit concert performance.

The details of her fall are not known, but she has been treated for a broken wrist along with abrasions and after her husband traveled overnight to see her, she has been released and is under his care.

Giving us an update on her Twitter account, Carrie writes:

Recently, while hosting the Country Music Awards, Carrie took an odd turn by deciding to mock Donald Trump’s tweeting about North Korea as well as his choice to remove his eclipse glasses for a second to stare directly at the sun, despite a memo from the CMAs asking performers and journalists to avoid politicking. Perhaps Carrie is a victim of the Trump curse, where every person who publicly disagrees or insults him is immediately struck down?

Carrie’s conservative principles are hard to nail down. Maybe she was hoping for that Jeb! victory.

Last year during her 2016 Storyteller tour, she used the opportunity to raise funds for military families. By participating in Operation Homefront, Carrie is joining a team whose mission is to “build strong, stable and secure military families so they can thrive in the communities that they’ve worked so hard to protect,” with some families getting an opportunity to meet Carrie during her tour. Operation Homefront assists in providing school supplies to kids of military families along with emergency aid and housing, including a recent gift of a mortgage-free home to a veteran who served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In January of last year, Carrie gave an interview saying that she loses all respect for celebrities, and I assume by extension she means musicians when they “back a candidate.” We can probably guess that while she is a conservative, Trump was absolutely not the candidate in the Republican primary she was rooting for. She said that big name stars who celebrate their favorite candidate are implying that “the American public isn’t smart enough to make their own decisions… whether it’s from politics or just the world around you, music should be an escape.” And what about stars who do the inverse and make fun of the guy who won, the guy who probably has fans in every single concert you will play at for the rest of your life?

Benefits from the Country Rising concert, which Carrie was supposed to attend, are being donated to support victims of the Las Vegas shooting and ticket prices were well over $200 each.

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