Celebrities Lose It Over Comey Testimony – Here Are 7 Who Have Gone UNHINGED!

Celebrities Lose It Over Comey Testimony – Here Are 7 Who Have Gone UNHINGED!

The only think better than watching former FBI director James Comey vindicate Trump is watching the liberal meltdown that was inevitably going to follow. Particularly satisfying are the tears of celebrities who haven’t cared about politics before right this moment.

Of course nobody expects celebrities to actually be smart enough to follow the process and draw their own conclusions from the hearing, but that doesn’t make their whining any less amusing.

First we have John Cusack, who couldn’t argue about the substance of the Comey testimony, because the former FBI director isn’t giving the liberals anything to play ball with. Instead, he decided to go after Trump for not acting as “presidential” as Comey and arguing “context.” This from a guy defending the party of “the definition of ‘is’ is.”

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Next up is incorrigible harpy Samantha Bee, who retweeted Donald Trump Jr. and called the Comey testimony a “domestic abuse case.” I’m sure the victims of domestic abuse would be glad to know that you’re comparing their trauma to a political proceeding.

The official Late Night with Seth Meyers Twitter account took the opportunity to make fun of Eric Trump because… reasons?

No list of Trump haters would be complete without an appearance by the illustrious Rosie O’Donnell, whose desperate attempts to maintain relevance have cost her her dignity.

Actress Minnie Driver tweeted out a picture of herself in a strange sweater with pictures of President Obama all over it, claiming to be watching the Comey testimony.

Comedian Billy Eichner (whom?) took to Twitter to spew his opinion across the Internet without even an iota of substance.

Actor Chris Evans tried to goad Trump into tweeting and making himself look ridiculous. How petty.

Gotta love that the liberals’ last, best hope is turning out to be one huge dud. It does the heart good.

H/T: Breitbart

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