Celebrities React To Scalise Shooting: Maybe Congress Will Support Gun Control Now

Celebrities React To Scalise Shooting: Maybe Congress Will Support Gun Control Now

Ah yes, Hollywood. They scream gun control while counting their millions made by producing violent movies, video games and music. They want young people to revel in the glorification of gun violence while screaming anti-gun rhetoric. The mental gymnastics needed to justify themselves is staggering and the violence they foist on our young people’s minds is nothing short of criminal. It’s rather…hypocritical of them.

Classic celebrities…

Shortly after the news of the attack on Republican House and Senate baseball players and volunteers, Hollywood celebrities hit their twitter accounts embarrassing themselves once more. With the tone of ‘we told you so’, they were hoping that maybe NOW Congress will listen to their pleas for more gun control laws. Silly celebrities…it wasn’t the gun that caused a man to use his own free will to shoot people. It was the hate spread by the left that influenced this man’s better judgement. He thought he was a hero. Now why would he think that…huh libs? In the end, it is the person who pulls the trigger that chose to be influenced by whatever voices were most enticing. Not the gun, but the man.

The Wrap noted that Moore also retweeted comments from The Atlantic editor David Frum, wherein Frum responded to the shooting by criticizing the lack of gun control in Virginia.

Meanwhile, actor Denis O’Hare tweeted a plea for more gun control shortly after news of the shooting broke:

Actress Rose Perez mentioned that the tradition of the Congressional baseball game reaches back more than 100 years and is “stained now by [this] senseless act.” She then pushed for more gun control:

Rep. Scalise remained in critical condition in a Washington D.C.-area hospital following the shooting, which also injured three others, including a Congressional aide and two Capitol Police officers.

Where do they get these ridiculous figures?! At this rate, the entire population of the U.S. would be decimated in a few years!

Not a single one of these Hollywood snowflakes mentioned the fact that murder with guns is down 49% since the mid-nineties. What caused that? Gun control? No, it happened because of concealed carry laws being passed by the vast majority of States.

So, they want to reverse that and go back to the old statistics. Then they are advocating for more violence.

But hey, they’re stupid and childlike and play “pretend” for a career. We can’t expect too much from people that don’t know what they don’t know because they are living their cushioned lives.

It doesn’t stop it from being annoying though.

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