Chris Pratt Tells America Why God And Country Come Before His Career!

Chris Pratt Tells America Why God And Country Come Before His Career!

Chris Pratt is one of my favorite celebrities. He is a rare breed… a loving husband and devoted father, he is also a devout Christian and is not afraid to discuss it. Born in 1979, his father was a miner and his mother worked in a meat department at a store. They were not well off. But they were a loving family. Pratt loves to hunt and fish and do all the things that most of us love to do. I’m originally from Wyoming, so I can absolutely relate to this: “I do a lot of predator hunting, farm varmints, out in Wyoming,” Pratt explained. “Coyotes are assholes and they’ll eat your dog.”

Pratt keeps doves in his freezer and skins and cooks what he hunts. In other words, he’s a normal guy. He grew up with a solid work ethic thanks to his parents. Pratt grew up much like I did. My father was a millwright and we moved wherever the next job was. Pratt’s father moved to wherever the next mining job took place. Living that way makes you quick to adapt and good at survival. Problem solving becomes a way of life.


From QPolitical:

Most people got to know Chris Pratt as “Andy Dwyer” on NBC’s hit show, Parks and Recreation. Since then, he’s become one of Hollywood’s most infamous actors, leading major box-office hits like Zero Dark Thirty, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Jurassic World. 

But behind the flashing lights, multi-million dollar movies, and a luxurious life, lives a man much different than the one portrayed on the big screen.

Earlier this week, Chris Pratt sat down with Vanity Fair for an exclusive interview. And with all eyes on him, Pratt turned the spotlight on someone else.

The world-renown actor reminded the globe that he cares nothing for fame or fortune. Instead, Chris Pratt desires to be faithful with what he’s been given on this side of eternity as he follows hard after Christ.

I must admit, the more I learn about Chris Pratt and his journey to stardom, the more I admire him.

Unlike many celebrities of our day, Pratt wasn’t raised in the limelight. In fact, his childhood was almost anything but glamourous.

Pratt wound up settling down in Washington state and discovered he had a gift for wrestling. He also became a football player. Richard Cohen described the young individualist: “Pratt was that rarest of figures. The high-school Renaissance man. Friend of the outcast, confidant of the powerful. Neither bullied nor bullying.” His family was very poor and eventually lost their home, forcing them to move into a small trailer. His senior year, Pratt’s father was diagnosed with M.S. It would eventually take his father’s life.

Pratt’s life was full of challenges. He did not follow his older brother into the military. Instead he went to community college, but didn’t make it there long. He started working as a daytime stripper and part-time as a discount ticket salesman by night. He eventually became a manager, but he really wasn’t going anywhere. He wound up homeless in Maui, Hawaii. A complete stranger in his 40’s approached Pratt one day while he was outside a grocery store waiting for someone to buy him beer. That man talked Pratt into going to church and that was when he became a Christian.

It wasn’t long after when the young Christian found himself face to face with God’s divine plan for his life. While working an extra shift at Bubba Gump Shrimp, the world-renown actress Rae Dawn Chong was seated at one of his tables. Pratt was invited to an audition to act. He went and a whole new world opened for him. Pratt moved to LA and continued his career there. He met his wife Anna Faris in 2006 while playing her love interest in Take Me Home Tonight. In August of 2012, their son, Jack, was born nine weeks premature. The new parents were terrified at the thought of losing him. To make matters worse, doctors weren’t very optimistic about little Jack’s survival and if he did make it, doctors told the Pratts: “‘Be prepared for raising a special-needs child.’” They spent a month in the NICU and prayed. Their prayers were answered and their baby boy is a healthy 4 year-old now.

This is a family that goes to church every Sunday and prays together. They are not your typical Hollywood couple at all. Pratt lives his faith and speaks of it freely. Although he’s one of Hollywood’s most well-known A-listers, Pratt reveals that fame and glory is not his end-goal. “I have my eyes on the prize. The big picture is my wife and my son and I living somewhere other than L.A., just being able to be a Boy Scout leader, drink beer on Saturday, go to church on Sunday, having fun. I could coach him in football. That’s the goal, and I need to do as many big movies as I can while there’s still time. Because you never know what’s next.” Chris Pratt is a good example for all of us through good and bad times to always stay true to your belief in God and never forget what is really important.








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