CNN Celebrity Chef Anthony Bourdain Tells Reporter He’d Poison Trump’s Food [VIDEO]

CNN Celebrity Chef Anthony Bourdain Tells Reporter He’d Poison Trump’s Food [VIDEO]

The longer I stay in this field, the more resentful I become toward celebrities. Not because they have more money they me, or more fans, or nicer houses, or any of that crap.

No, I am growing increasingly resentful of their elitist attitudes toward Republicans in general and Trump specifically. Sure, he’s not my favorite guy, and he certainly wasn’t my first pick for President, but the vitriol these people are allowed to spew without consequence is getting on my nerves. The only reason they get away with it is because they are celebrities who are seemingly above the law.

Famous foodie Anthony Bourdain has made his disdain for Trump extremely clear on a recent impromptu interview in which he insulted not only Kim Jong-Un by calling him a “chubby, evil little f***,” but also claimed that he would intentionally poison the President of the United States if given a chance.

Outside the LAX airport, Bourdain was approached by a TMZ photographer who asked him if he would be going to North Korea for an episode of his show. His answer was… about what you would expect. He noted that everyone in the country was starving, so there would be no point in him going there.

Then the photographer asked what the celebrity chef would serve if he was invited to cater an event at the White House.

“Hemlock,” he said. This comes after saying he would “absolutely f*cking not” dine with President Trump last year.

Watch the video below:

For those who don’t know, hemlock is an extremely poisonous plant. Literally every part of it is poisonous. People have died after eating birds who have eaten hemlock seeds, that’s how serious this is. And Bourdain willingly said that he would serve it to the President if invited to the White House. What kind of man says something like that?

I get that Trump may not exactly be liked, or popular, or whatever, but seriously? Murder? Is that the only way you can get through that you don’t like the President?

And these jackholes wonder exactly why we voted Trump into the Oval Office in the first place. Maybe because we’re tired of listening to these holier-than-thou jerks preach to us from their high horses while at the same time doing absolutely nothing to make the United States a better country. Newsflash, recording shows isn’t making America great. In fact, Bourdain, all you do is curse and drink. It’s not cute. It’s rather obnoxious, actually.

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