Country Fans Outraged After Willie Nelson Does THIS

Country Fans Outraged After Willie Nelson Does THIS

I can’t say I’m shocked by this. I’ve always known that Willie Nelson was a liberal. That so many country stars could support Marxists is disheartening to say the least. And I am sure this will outrage his fans. Frankly it ticks me off too. Nelson supports both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. He’s for the legalization of pot and he has always been for family farms, which is more or less code for communism. He’s a hippie that is now 82 years-old. You would think facing the end of his life he would rethink a thing or two before he goes off to meet his maker. Guess he won’t, which is his decision to make. He’s in for a big surprise on the other side I think.

Willie Nelson

From Occupy Democrats:

Legendary country music star Willie Nelson was in Washington, D.C., last week celebrating his 60-year career, as a recipient of the Library of Congress Gershwin Prize for Popular Song. As a long-time supporter of the legalization of marijuana, PJ Media inquired during an interview at the Daughters of the American Revolution Constitution Hall (where the awards ceremony took place) which candidate he plans to support in the presidential race. “Well, you know, it’s not over yet. I’m still watching the show but I’m a great Bernie and Hillary fan, you know,” Nelson said.

At a performance this weekend in Fort Worth, Texas, Nelson – who has a much-admired reputation as a country music outlaw – let his audience know he has a very difference understanding  of what it means to be an outlaw than many of the folks in Texas:

“That was never clearer than when he played Living in the Promised Land, a song he played 30 years ago at Farm Aid, towards the end of night. When he sang the words, ‘There’s still a lot of love living in the promised-land,’ they were met with rapturous applause. When he followed that up with, ‘There’s room for everyone living in the promised land,’ the room fell awkwardly silent. At a time when some Texans see fit to take their guns and protest outside Islamic mosques, Nelson seemed to take pleasure in making clear just what it means (and doesn’t mean) to be an outlaw.”

Country music has typically been the bastion of Conservatives, but Nelson has some superstar country music liberal friends including Merle Haggard, Tim McGraw, Garth Brooks, Loretta Lynn, and Rosanne Cash, daughter of the late country music outlaw Johnny Cash. Cash, a guest at the award presentation honoring Nelson, told PJM:

“I’d love to see a women become president before I die”….offering, as if to make sure no one thought she was referring to Carly Fiorina, “She’s [Clinton] out there. I mean, I do like Bernie as well. It’s tough, you know. I’m an old-school liberal.”

Not surprisingly, Nelson has made some influential political friends as well. Of President Barack Obama, he said: “We talk about a lot of things. I’ve met him several times before, so he’s a good friend.” President Jimmy Carter, who shared this thoughts in a letter, said Nelson’s music has “enriched the lives of people far and wide for decades and that he is truly worthy of this prestigious and well-deserved award.”

Willie Nelson was born 82 years ago in Texas – he was raised a Methodist and still admits to some connection to the Church, but his politics have been liberal. Causes he backs include environmentalism, support for family farms, which he wrote about in an editorial for Politico earlier this year – and notably, the legalization of marijuana. So it should surprise no one that when asked what he likes about Sanders and Clinton, he responded “everything.”

What I am surprised by is people like Loretta Lynn and Rosanne Cash. I guess just because you are a rich and famous celebrity doesn’t mean you have much in the way of common sense. Anyone who schmoozes with the likes of Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama is not a good person. Bet on it. And they are not truly religious people either. They certainly aren’t conservatives. As for protesting mosques and being armed while you are doing so, I’m all for that. It’s called survival and I think it is highly appropriate. Love does not mean submission. Willie Nelson has been high so long he doesn’t have any functioning brain cells left. What he does have is a good ole case of Marxism going for him.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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