Dennis Rodman’s Support For N. Korea Might Get Him BOOTED From Basketball HALL OF FAME

Dennis Rodman’s Support For N. Korea Might Get Him BOOTED From Basketball HALL OF FAME

Basketball great Dennis Rodman has always had a questionably comfortable relationship with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un, which makes a lot of people question his loyalty to the United States.

People have finally had enough and have launched a petition to remove Rodman from the Basketball Hall of Fame.

Referring to himself and the North Korean ruler as “friends for life,” Rodman has come under fire after the death of former North Korean prisoner Otto Warmbier.

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Warmbier succumbed to injuries he received during his torture in a North Korean prison. He was eventually released to the United States in a coma, and days after arriving on free soil, he passed away.

The human rights group Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation launched a petition on entitled: “Eject Star NBA Player Dennis Rodman from the Hall of Fame,” which has reached its goal of 1,500 supporters.

“The North Korean regime is one of the most brutal communist dictatorships in the world, starving its people, constantly threatening nuclear war, and now, murdering an American citizen,” the online petition states. “Almost unanimously, the world’s leaders continue to come together to condemn the regime while a select few attempt to humanize Kim Jong-un and praise the “respect” he receives from his people.”

It continued:

“While those sort of attempts are expected from fellow dictators it is appalling that they come from a once household name in American sports. Former NBA star and Hall of Famer Dennis Rodman has embraced North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un as a ‘friend for life’ and asserted ‘I love him’ as he defended his human rights record. Rodman continued this one-man PR campaign for North Korea even as his fellow American Otto Warmbier fought for his life.”

It is for these reasons that those at Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation want Rodman stripped of his prestigious title. Do you agree?

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