She-Devil Kathy Griffin Leaks Phone Number Of TMZ Founder: He’s ‘In Bed’ With Trump [VIDEO]

She-Devil Kathy Griffin Leaks Phone Number Of TMZ Founder: He’s ‘In Bed’ With Trump [VIDEO]

Kathy Griffin has gone off the deep end. The woman infamous for self-styling herself the de facto leader of the Trump resistance by posting a picture of herself holding a bloodied, disembodied head of Donald Trump has made headlines again. And, of course, you’re not a good little lefty without shouting about how Trump is a member of the 1930s German Socialist Workers Party.

In a video posted online, Kathy Griffin doxed TMZ founder Harvey Levin and told everyone his personal phone number on Saturday. She said that he was “in bed” with Hollywood and the President. Yikes.

In a 17-minute video named: “A Hell of a Story,” Griffin plays a voicemail from Levin in which his personal phone number could be heard.
“So, that’s his number. I don’t have a minute to call him. Maybe you do,” Griffin says in the video.


This lady is starting to lose it. Or maybe she has already lost it and nobody noticed until now, but it’s getting out of hand. What a moron.

This is probably just some attempt at getting revenge towards TMZ for Kathy. If you recall, TMZ was integral to breaking the news of her participation in the infamous photo shoot. She quickly got fired from CNN and there was justified backlash from numerous outlets, including the White House.

“I just want you guys to know Harvey Levin, Harvey Levin a blogger, is very much in bed with everyone from Hollywood to Donald Trump,” Griffin says in the video.

She says that she expects the video to be taken off of social media because it contains his personal phone number. Yeah, it doesn’t work that way. People to the right of Bernie Sanders generally don’t get the benefit of the doubt with these kinds of things, but leftists and the most pure anti-Trump people get all the passes they need.

Look, I’m all for criticizing the President. I think all politicians are either evil or retarded, with no in between and a lot of crossover. But to then go to these lengths to say you have been ruined by the Trump family and they are bullies in the situation, speaks to a mental illness. She needs help at this point, I mean just look at her hair. It looks like she is already in a mental institution. Someone should do us all a favor and put her in one for us.

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