Disgraced Filmmaker Woody Allen Fears ‘Witch Hunt’ Against Men, Feels ‘Sad’ For Weinstein

Disgraced Filmmaker Woody Allen Fears ‘Witch Hunt’ Against Men, Feels ‘Sad’ For Weinstein

Alright, I didn’t really have an opinion on Woody Allen until right this moment and I have to say, it’s not favorable.

Anyone who can feel bad for Harvey Weinstein because his “life is so messed up” is not someone that I hold in high esteem. I find it extremely difficult to have sympathy for someone who has made a career out of sexually harassing women who want to fulfill their dreams. He’s a predator, a pervert and has a rotten soul. Now try to guess whether I’m talking about Allen or Weinstein.

(Hint: There are no wrong answers.)

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Allen fears that this string of allegations against Weinstein will start a “witch hunt,” which sounds a little curious. As a producer, wouldn’t you relish the idea that the bad apples in your industry are being called out and punished?

Or perhaps this will cause people to look into Allen’s closet, exposing some skeletons that he’d rather keep under wraps? I simply can’t think of a good reason to say that you feel “sad” for Weinstein.

“The whole Harvey Weinstein thing is very sad for everybody involved,” he said. “Tragic for the poor women that were involved, sad for Harvey that his life is so messed up.”

“You also don’t want it to lead to a witch hunt atmosphere, a Salem atmosphere, where every guy in an office who winks at a woman is suddenly having to call a lawyer to defend himself,” he continued. “That’s not right either.”

Women aren’t stupid enough to think that a man winking at them constitutes sexual harassment and no court in America would agree with her if she is.

“There’s no winners in that, it’s just very, very sad and tragic for those poor women that had to go through that,” he stated.

Perhaps Allen feels a companionship with Weinstein, who many credit for the revival of Allen’s producing career after he was accused of sexually assaulting his adopted daughter, Dylan Farrow, 25 years ago.

I am leery of any man who holds even a modicum of sympathy for a man who has victimized scores of women over the years. Sure, Weinstein’s life is “messed up” now, but that’s because he messed it up with his own behavior. His downfall can be directly connected to his actions. Why is that “sad” to Allen?

Perhaps I’ll never understand that mindset. Honestly, I’m glad for that. Some things don’t need to be understood.

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