Dog The Bounty Hunter’s Wife Makes Tragic Announcement [VIDEO]

Dog The Bounty Hunter’s Wife Makes Tragic Announcement [VIDEO]

Beth Chapman is sacrificing her own privacy in order to share a Stage 2 diagnosis “as honestly as [she] can.”

Beth, wife of Duane “Dog the Bounty Hunter” Chapman, has been diagnosed with stage two throat cancer and just recently underwent a 13-hour surgery to remove a tumor the size of a plum from her throat. They will be appearing on a special on A&E next week in order to spread the word that early detection is what will likely be the key to saving her life.

In a video interview below, Duane appears to admit to having threatened Beth’s doctor with his own life, saying that if Beth dies, “you die.”

Beth is a mother to four children and said that she has a new respect for the possibility that you can lose your life “in an instant,” saying that she really appreciates being an entertainer because she knows that even a laugh here or there can do wonders for someone else who might be hooked up and “pumped full of chemo.”

When she was first diagnosed, she told her husband, 64, that they have to film the whole thing because she knew “a lot of her fans have gone through this.”

One of the common scenes on the Bounty Hunter show would be that Dog would offer a cigarette to bail skippers. Eighty-five percent of all head and neck cancers are related to smoking and drinking alcohol is related to throat cancers. Beth says that even Dog has already changed his lifestyle choices to support her and hopefully, do good things for his own body.

In August, we wrote that Duane Chapman began the process of suing New Jersey’s Chris Christie over a change making it much less likely that a suspect will be held on bail. Chapman is bringing a wrongful death suit due to the death of a man named Christian Rodgers who was shot to death by another man named Jules Black who was free without bail under the new rules. The lawsuit says that Christie violated the Constitutional rights of both the deceased Rodgers and “all African-Americans” by allowing more suspected criminals to roam free.

Last spring, Duane pushed back against new legislation in Idaho that would have restricted bounty hunters and forced them to wear “special clothes identifying their occupation.”

Here’s a new, one-minute and a half video published by Inside Edition last night, where Duane appears to threaten Beth’s doctor:

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