Even OJ Was Shocked by Court Ruling About the $600K He Earned in Prison [VIDEO]

Even OJ Was Shocked by Court Ruling About the $600K He Earned in Prison [VIDEO]

O.J. Simpson was officially paroled last week. He served nine years of a 33-year sentence for kidnapping and robbery in Nevada. He is set to be released around October 18th. The Heisman Trophy winner literally got away with the murder of his wife and her friend in 1994. He basically decapitated her and stabbed both of them over and over again. He was acquitted of both murders and walked. But, he lost in a civil court and had to pay reparations to his two victims’ families.

Simpson was desperate for money and claims that some people in Vegas had items that were his. He paid a couple of thugs to help him get them back. It was claimed he had a gun, something his victims now say wasn’t true. But it was enough for a jury to throw the book at him and a way to get some justice for those murders. Now, when Simpson walks he will be free to keep his $600,000 a year pension. By law, it cannot be touched or go to the families of his victims.

From the Independent Journal Review:

O.J. Simpson. “Juice.” “Oj.” Whatever you call him, the former Heisman Trophy winner and NFL standout’s name will live in infamy in relation to the brutal 1994 murders of ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend, Ronald Goldman.

In a verdict that reverberated around the world, Simpson was acquitted in both cases.

Simpson, now 70, was in the headlines again last week, when he was granted paroleafter serving 8 1/2 years of a 33-year sentence for armed robbery in Nevada.

So now that the Juice will be loose in October, the question of what will happen to his assets — principally the estimated $600,000 in NFL pension distributions he received while incarcerated — when he hits the streets.

As reported by ESPN, last week, the money is Simpson’s to keep.

Under federal law, Simpson’s retirement income is protected, and can’t be taken from him by lawsuits. Moreover, if he moves back to Florida, he’ll likely be able to keep his house, based on state law.

And it gets even more obscene… it’s enough to make your righteous blood boil. USA Today reported last week that Simpson contributed $5 million to the Screen Actors Guild pension “many years ago.” Which makes you wonder where he got the money. And his pension has been piling up in the bank while he was in the clink. “He’s not going to be poor. He’ll survive. He’ll be able to get his own place,” attorney Tony Scotto told USA Today.

When Simpson lost his civil case, he was ordered to pay $33.5 million to Nicole Brown’s and Ron Goldman’s families. They have only received about $500,000 from the sale of his Heisman Trophy and other memorabilia. The rest has been tucked away. I assume his lawyers and family helped with that. His attorney made a mind-numbingly insensitive, callous statement. “ … [W]e’ll be playing golf again soon,” Scotto said. I bet you will and guess what… Nicole and Ron are still dead and their blood is still crying out for justice. This is just monstrous.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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