EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Former Navy SEAL Has POWERFUL Advice For Katy Perry – “Go To Hell…” [LISTEN]

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Former Navy SEAL Has POWERFUL Advice For Katy Perry – “Go To Hell…” [LISTEN]

Americans are getting really sick of celebrities speaking about issues as if they fully understand the magnitude of the problems that we face. One of the topics that pop stars and actors love to talk about like they’re some sort of authority is the Islamic/refugee/terror crisis.

It’s nice and fuzzy to say that we need to all just get along and coexists and love each other, and it would be amazing if that’s the way that life really worked. Unfortunately, it’s not. That didn’t stop Katy Perry from trying to tell people that borders and walls would only exacerbate the current situation and that the only way we can squash terrorism once and for all is to “coexist.”

One former Navy SEAL has an opinion on her comments and it’s exactly what you would expect to hear from someone who has stared evil in the eye.

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Former SEAL and conservative commentator Carl Higbie took issue with Perry’s idealistic view of the world and her “advice” to the American people following the Manchester bombing of an Ariana Grande concert.

Higbie didn’t pull any punches when it came to his view on Perry’s opinion, which is the shared opinion of many liberals and progressives who think you can love the evil out of people. He first compared celebrities and entertainers to an Xbox, saying that they ought to be “totally silent and off until I want it to entertain me.”

He then went on to explain how their mindset is absolutely toxic to a sane and functioning society:

“You’ve got this pop culture now that believes, you know — these are people who live in a bubble protected by guns with gates on their house, and they want open borders and, you know, to love.”

Speaking to Perry directly, Higbie told her to “go to Hell” and ideally, she’d take her liberal mentality with her.

“And you know, I told Katy Perry to go to hell,” Higbie said, referencing his appearance on Fox News. “Pop culture, it’s very irresponsible for them, with their millions of followers of sub-18-year-old children to go out and say certain things about topics they know nothing about, ’cause these kids take it as gospel.”

Listen to the audio below:

Listen to “2. Liberal Katy Perry Gets Smashed by a Navy SEAL Featuring Former Navy SEAL Carl Higbie” on Spreaker.

There are some people in the world who don’t respond to love and kindness because they simply don’t understand it. They only thing they understand is violence and we have to respond accordingly. It’s not warm and fuzzy and it doesn’t make for pretty pictures, but that’s how life works.

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