FAMED Actor’s Daughter Tells Cops She Needs Help With Sobriety Test Because…She’s Too Upset Over Trump [VIDEO]

FAMED Actor’s Daughter Tells Cops She Needs Help With Sobriety Test Because…She’s Too Upset Over Trump [VIDEO]

Okay…the heck?

Montana Fishburne, who is 25 years-old, which means she’s old enough to know better, just made headlines for the most lame reasons ever. The girl got drunk, got pulled over and then blamed it all on Trump.

She is the daughter of actor Laurence Fishburne and she was arrested in March for driving while being intoxicated and rear-ending another vehicle on the highway. Now, according to the recently released dashcam footage, there was some funky stuff that went down all because of her “trump scare syndrome” …

She also gave a very interesting reason as to why she shouldn’t have to pass the sobriety test and that reason was: President Donald Trump. Yes, her words, not mine…and yes, what an idiot.

When Police were called to the scene to investigate the crash, they noticed quickly that Fishburne not only smelled like alcohol, but she also had the audacity to leave an entire open bottle of wine in her vehicle. What a genius, yes?

That is when State Highway Patrol Trooper Jose Pinson had to explain to the intoxicated daughter of Hollywood that he would be conducting a field sobriety test and after she was not able to manage to complete the exercises for it correctly, she started to get increasingly irritated with the situation.

“I’ve been arrested before, and I have friends that are police officers — they just got hired,” Fishburne told Pinson. “And not only that, but in the situation that we are going through with Donald Trump — as a Latino American to another Latino American — I would appreciate if you can show me the exercise correctly so I can do it correctly.”

“If it makes you feel better,” Pinson remarked calmly.

“That really makes me feel better because I do not like the political situation in America,” Fishburne continued.

So…after all the drama, Pinson placed her under arrest, but then things just got even more….well, ODD to say the least of it. She suddenly began walking over to the guard rail and into the grass next to the side of the road.

The girl..needed to relieve herself.

“I really need to pee, and I will pee right here on your floor, and that’s not a problem for me,” she said as she began fumbling to pull down her clothing.

“I’m not tripping, I’m a f****** ratchet,” Fishburne said.

Needless to say, her blood alcohol level was recognized as .18 and .17. Now she’s out on $2,500 bond and had the audacity once again to think pretty highly of herself…pleading ‘not guilty’ to six counts of DUI-related charges. Her trial will be going down later this year.

Do you know Laurence Fishburne? If not…here you go:

Poor fella, I like a lot of his work.

Namely… the MATRIX!

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