FAMED Hollywood Celebrity: We Can’t Defeat ISIS With Bombs, Only LOVE!

FAMED Hollywood Celebrity: We Can’t Defeat ISIS With Bombs, Only LOVE!

Yeah, we’ll use love on them, because that worked so well for those that stood against Genghis Khan and his barbarian tribal hordes. It is dunces like Josh Fox who would get us all slaughtered or enslaved if we listened to his lunacy. ISIS doesn’t give a damn about your love… you are an infidel and you either convert or die. It’s just that simple. “MOABs inflict maximum casualties” – it’s a bomb that inflicts maximum damage. And by the way, ‘carpet bomb’ is a verb, not a noun, you idiot. And no, it should be absolutely legal… it’s a weapon of war. You go ahead and ‘love’ your enemy on this while they cut off your fricking head.

I am not sorry in the least that almost 100 ISIS savages were sent straight to hell where they belong. I’m proud of our military and their actions. So, this Hollywood director can get stuffed as far as I’m concerned. Moron. His depth of utter stupidity is jaw-dropping. If you think Elizabeth Warren wondering why we dropped the bomb in the first place was dumb, let me enlighten you… the idiocy of Hollywood wins hands down. Islam is our friend, ISIS just needs hugs… SMH and yes, it’s a double facepalm moment.

From Fox News Insider:

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After U.S. forces dropped “the mother of all bombs” on an ISIS tunnel complex in Afghanistan, Hollywood director Josh Fox railed against the decision to deploy the military’s largest non-nuclear device, which reportedly killed several dozen ISIS militants.

“Atrocity. Murder. Abomination. When will we learn that only love stops hate, and bombings only create more ISIS,” Fox wrote in a tweet.

“Love your enemy. Don’t create more of them. Teachers, diplomacy, culture and aid helps peace. Bombs don’t,” he added.

On “Outnumbered” today, Meghan McCain remarked that she lived in Los Angeles for two years, and this is how the liberal Hollywood filmmaking community really thinks in their echo chamber.

Julie Banderas quipped Fox probably thinks we should have taken out Usama bin Laden by hugging, snuggling and spooning him.

“It must be nice to live in that kind of world, where you’re just so divorced from the reality of what’s actually happening out there,” Trish Reagan said.

“I don’t want to live in that world, because I don’t want to live like an idiot,” Dagen McDowell said.

I think that Josh Fox and his Hollywood compatriots should all go over to Afghanistan and embrace the poor, misunderstood ISIS warriors. See how that turns out for them. Take the leftist Democrats with you. This clearing up of this tragic misunderstanding would solve a bunch of problems for Americans. Fact: most ISIS militants come from well-to-do devout Muslim families. They aren’t poor, misunderstood waifs.

Fox was an acolyte of Bernie Sanders and after the election became ‘Creative Director’ for the Sanders organization, Our Revolution. Obviously, he loves communists. Fox has a perception problem. He’s not only deluded, he has a mental challenge. That MOAB not only took out almost 100 ISIS terrorists, it killed no civilians. It was a weapon of precision and force. I don’t see Josh Fox crying over the Christian genocide in the Middle
East… but kill a bunch of evil Jihadists and he’s beside himself with outrage and grief. That says everything you need to know about Fox.




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