Famed Rapper On Vegas Shooting: NRA Is a ‘Terrorist Organization’ [VIDEO]

Famed Rapper On Vegas Shooting: NRA Is a ‘Terrorist Organization’ [VIDEO]

I have had way more than my fill of clueless celebrities decrying the NRA and our Second Amendment rights. They are really ticking me off. Rapper Public Enemy’s Chuck D is someone I would never take seriously to begin with, but when he was asked what he would say to people in Las Vegas after the Mandalay Massacre Sunday, he said “the NRA is a terrorist organization.” Really? Gee, because I would call gangs who this asshat cuddles with domestic terrorists… the NRA not so much. I call the NRA ‘patriotic’ freedom lovers. “The [Trump] administration backs the terrorist organization and never uses the word,” the “Fight the Power” rapper told TMZ in an impromptu interview Monday. Spoken like a true thug that would have guns regardless.

Chuck D thinks Millennials are realizing the so-called danger of the NRA and he believes NRA supporters “fear” that Millennials are “now cognizant of the NRA, where before, it wasn’t even in their narrative.” “Now you got younger people who are waking up, and they’re woke at 18 and 19 and said, ‘This is some bullsh*t,’” the rapper said. You mean brainwashed and brain-dead, right? If Millennials think that way, it’s because they don’t know anything at all about our constitutional rights. Instead they listen to know-nothing, immoral, foul rappers like Chuck D.

Chuck D wasn’t alone by any means. He was joined by others such as Lady Gaga, Alyssa Milano and Lena Dunham. Actor Jeffrey Wright took a similar approach to the NRA Monday, insinuating that their response to the Vegas attack would be to carry a .50 caliber rifle into a concert venue for self-defense. Asshat. However, we would carry a weapon concealed, just not that one. Just sayin’. Piers Morgan, who I was just beginning to think was human, blew that away with criticizing the NRA following the Vegas attack and suggested Trump is now under pressure to pull away from the group. Trump may be, but he better not.

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Paddock, the shooter, passed multiple background checks. He had no history of crime or mental illness. This means FBI background check reviewers saw nothing in his past to indicate he shouldn’t own a gun. Guns & Guitars manager Christopher Sullivan said the attacker “[did] not have a criminal history.”

Taking the right to bear arms away from Americans simply leaves them at the mercy of bad guys who will get guns regardless. These celebrities have armed body guards, concealed carry permits and walls and gates around their homes. They are quite willing to leave everyone else to the mercies of thugs, as long as it doesn’t include them. Hypocrites.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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