Famous Rapper Says Bill Cosby Was Framed For Racist Reasons

Famous Rapper Says Bill Cosby Was Framed For Racist Reasons

Rapper Waka Flocka, pronounced Wah-ka Flah-ka, believes Bill Cosby charges stem from racism.

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Waka Flocka thinks all of Cosby’s damning accusations are part of a huge conspiracy.

It has nothing to do with race. It has to do with maybe a little bit of Bill Cosby slipping the ol mickey in a few drinks and as much to do with girls taking advantage of a rich ugly guy. I think most of the accusations towards Bill Cosby come from women who either thought they’d be rich and famous and he’d leave his wife, or possibly promised a taste of fame, a guest spot on The Cosby Show, or other nonsense promise that wasn’t delivered. I find it very difficult that 50 women could accuse a man of rape and most of them didn’t report it or go to a hospital at the time it happened. Who waits THIS long to report a rape? I believe that at least 95% of those women would’ve slept with Bill Cosby anyway.

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What man or woman have drinks together, in a room alone, and don’t think it’s going to end up as a schmooze fest? It’s hard to believe that many women would have “alone time” with Mr. Cosby and not think they were going to “hook up.” And he wasn’t the most handsome fella on the block, but his riches made him much more attractive to women. When ugly or average guys have money, the women flock to them. It’s really easy to score side chicks with a few extra bucks and taste of fame.

Mr. Flocka knows about this. That guy is ugly as sin, but since he’s a rapper and a few bucks, he can score a gal with a pretty face. He should probably mind his own business when it comes to passing out and side chicks, as he had his own run ins with groupies and infidelity, so this isn’t a very good way for him to talk about other celebrities, let alone something stupid such as blaming racism on rape accusations.

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