Famous Singer Lorde: ‘All White People Are Responsible’ for Racism

Famous Singer Lorde: ‘All White People Are Responsible’ for Racism

On today’s episode of “Here Are All The Reasons White People Suck,” singer Lorde guiltsplains why all white people are responsible for Charlottesville.

It’s odd that I’m at fault, because not only wasn’t I there, but I slept through half of it. You can scour my property and not find one tiki torch. Likewise, I don’t own any khakis or Nazi flags.

So, I’m starting to think she’s full of crap and trying to pander to the left.

Following the violent riots in Charlottesville, VA that left one woman dead and numerous injured, many celebrities issued tweets of sorrow and condolences to the family of Heather Heyer, but one decided to take a different tactic.

The pop star – who is not American, by the way – tweeted about how privileged she is for being white and how treatment of black people in America is awful.

Then she went too far.

Yes, all white people are responsible for Charlottesville, which means all black people are responsible for Ferguson. Right? Or does it only work one way?

Lorde has also previously stated that she’s okay with being violent in her music videos because she says it breaks the stereotype of “passive” women. So that’s a thing.

I’m sick of the virtue-signalling happening on the left and their eagerness to make everyone feel the white guilt they have in their hearts.

I’m not sorry that I don’t feel responsible for Charlottesville. I’m not sorry that I don’t feel personally responsible for slavery. I’m not sorry that I won’t grovel and I won’t beg for forgiveness for historic events that I didn’t have any part in. If we’re going to move forward as a country, we can’t continue living in the past.

We don’t need finger-pointing and blame, we need healing, understanding and an open dialogue where everyone feels heard. Why is that so hard?

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