FANS SHOCKED: Richard Simmons Living as a Woman, Got Breast Surgery

FANS SHOCKED: Richard Simmons Living as a Woman, Got Breast Surgery

This well known wacky fitness guru has hidden away in his Hollywood home for over three years and just last week he was taken to the hospital for severe dehydration. However, that’s NOT the biggest news to report when it comes to Simmons. What has been really catching attention is the claim that he has been going through many surgeries to become a woman. Yes, it has been speculated in recent days that he is NOT just in drag any longer, but is quite the ‘soft-spoken woman’ now, with boobs. Are you surprised?

From the Daily Mail:

Simmons has not made any public comments about the story, but in an email to Daily Mail Online, Estey said: ‘This is cr** but thanks!’

A friend told the publication: ‘[This is] not just in drag. This is Richard dressed as a softly spoken woman named Fiona!

‘He had a boob job, and his breasts are like he had been taking hormones to make them grow.

‘He had huge mood swings, too, which we attributed to hormone therapy.’

Another source told the Enquirer he is considering have a ‘vagina built by doctors’. They also said that Simmons ‘never really felt comfortable being a man.’

‘He felt he was a woman trapped in a man’s body,’ they added.

The weight loss expert is yet to make a public announcement confirming his new identity, but reports suggest he has left his home in the past few months as a woman.

He has been hiding behind the walls of his $5million mansion since 2013. His last official public appearance was the Macy’s
Thanksgiving Day Parade in November of that year.

A friend told the tabloid Simmons has been enjoying ‘girls’ nights out’ after supposedly revealing her new identity on a Miami hotel balcony, before he decided to go into hiding.

They also claimed that Simmons has been out in Buenos Aires and Venice, Italy, dressed as a woman.

The friend told the magazine that while abroad he would check in to hotels and restaurants under his real name, Milton, to make sure no one realized he was there.

Describing a dinner in the Argentine capital in 2013, they said: ‘Richard behaved and spoke as a woman the whole evening.

‘He was wearing a rainbow-colored wig, was very softly spoken and had all the mannerisms of a woman.

‘He appeared to be totally natural and comfortable as a woman. I was quite shocked and surprised, but to Richard and his manager, it seemed like the most natural thing in the world.’

All I’ll say is this, if this is true, I doubt there is even ONE person who didn’t see it coming. Just saying…

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