Film LEGEND Makes EPIC Move For Our Troops – Conservatives Cheering!

Film LEGEND Makes EPIC Move For Our Troops – Conservatives Cheering!

Perhaps the most-egregious abuse perpetrated by Barack Obama has been his irreparable damage to the U.S. military. He has destroyed morale, devastated our fighting capabilities and has repeatedly turned his back on our fighting men and women. When a Green Beret stepped in to combat an Afghani pedophile, the Green Beret had his illustrious career ruined and our so-called Commander-in-Chief did nothing to stop it. Though Obama wouldn’t lift a finger, one Hollywood star is stepping in to defend the warrior.


From the Conservative Tribune:

Under President Barack Obama, the Pentagon has gone from supporting America’s fighting men and women to trying to prosecute them for doing the right thing.

Fox News reported the Pentagon’s recent decision to discharge a Green Beret who confronted an Afghani boy’s rapist has garnered national attention as people push for him to be reinstated for doing the right thing.

Harvey Keitel, who stared in “Mean Streets” and “Reservoir Dogs” among countless other films, has joined the chorus of voices calling for Sgt. 1st Class Charles Martland to be reinstated.

Keitel, who was a Marine himself, stated that Martland and his team deserved a medal for their actions, not aslap on the wrist for doing the right thing even if it wasn’t protocol.

“(W)hen I was a young Marine I understood we were present in order to help others who did not have the wherewithal to protect themselves,” Keitel wrote in an email.

“Whomever owns the idea that decided to reprimand these two men instead of giving them a medal for their actions should be asked what the hell they would’ve done if it was their child in question,” he wrote.

Many have cried out over how utterly moronic the Pentagon’s decision to discharge Martland was because he was actually trying to help someone. Apparently doing the right thing isn’t good enough for Obama’s Pentagon.

Actor Harvey Keitel has spoken out in support of Green Beret Sergeant Charles Martland

— The_News_DIVA (@The_News_DIVA) April 20, 2016

“I am a citizen of the US, married, a father, actor and former Marine. American values are on the line here, and no person I know would not have taken the same actions SFC Martland and Capt. Daniel Quinn did to protect a child, period,” wrote Keitel.

“That’s an American value,” he added.

I’m against the occupation in Afghanistan.. But i have nothing but respect for what Charles Martland did.
Thank you.

— Ferdy G. (@ferdddaws) April 19, 2016

Under any other president, Martland would have been praised for his actions and they would have been used as an example that others should follow.

Instead, Obama is using this as an excuse to punish the military for doing its job. What a sad excuse for a commander in chief.

How could it be that our so-called Commander-in-Chief would not intervene on an issue as morally clear as this? He intervened on the Trayvon Martin case, his DOJ intervenes when homosexuals are refused wedding cake, but nobody is coming to help the career soldier who sought to stop a child rapist?

What is this country coming to??

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