‘F**k Bono’: Liberals Get VICIOUS Over U2 Singer’s Meeting With Mike Pence!

‘F**k Bono’: Liberals Get VICIOUS Over U2 Singer’s Meeting With Mike Pence!

World famous singer Paul Hewson, who you may know better by his stage name “Bono,” is a real honest broker. The man has surprised conservatives in the past by his issue-oriented goals and not so much his political ones.

The man has previously stated that he is a fan of what America has to offer the world and has been a leading figure in fighting against AIDS for the last couple decades. He shows his compassion not with tweets, protests or grandstanding…like so many on the left, but instead has led with action.


Needless to say, I’ve come to have a lot of respect for the man, even if I don’t agree on every issue. Truly sacrificing your time, effort and means to help others is a worthy and respectable calling in life.

Bono recently met with Vice President Mike Pence during a security conference in Germany on Saturday — and this caused a totally unforgiving meltdown from the self-righteous left:

The Hill had the story of what took place between the two men:

According to a pool report, the two men shared an exchange about the 2003 passage of the President’s Emergency Plan For AIDS Relief and its 2008 renewal, which Pence advocated for as an Indiana congressman.

“Twice on the House floor you defended that. That’s how we know you,” Bono, who has been a vocal proponent of the fight against AIDS, told Pence.

“And we really appreciate it,” he added.

Like I said before, not everything Bono says or believes is agreeable and no one should have to agree with anyone else lockstep no matter what… That’s what political parties are for…but he has been critical of President Trump in the past. That’s fine, because so have I. Although saying to PBS host Charlie Rose in September that the President “is potentially the worst idea that ever happened to America,” may be a bit over the top.

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