Former Playboy Playmate Drops Bombshell About the Playboy Mansion

Former Playboy Playmate Drops Bombshell About the Playboy Mansion

While the life of a Playboy Bunny is made to look glamorous and enticing, former Playmate Holly Madison, now a mother, is opening up about the dark side of living in the Playboy Mansion.


From IJReview:

Former “Playboy” model Holly Madison lived at the Playboy Mansion for seven years, during which she was in a relationship with Hugh Hefner—along with several other women, of course:

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While the Playboy brand likes to show off the glitzy life of excess at the mansion, Madison has spoken out to say that the reality was far removed from that image.

The 36-year-old, who is now a mom, spoke to People about what life was really like for her.

Madison said it was no picnic:

“It was a constant struggle.

“I was trying to sell this image of ‘Oh everything is so great here,’ but I was miserable inside.”

Why so miserable?

She said that life at the mansion is strictly regimented:

“The Mansion is all about conformity and judgment and following the rules.

“I didn’t like being a clone. That was definitely something that bothered me the whole time.”

She also suggested that all of the women there were in competition with one another for Hefner’s attention.

This did not lead to the development of trusting friendships:

“The Mansion wasn’t a place where confidence was built. It was a place where manipulation was used to keep everyone scrambling to keep her spot in the house.”

“There was so much competition among the other women. I learned not to confide in certain people. There was a lot of fear.”

That sounds like one of the worst places to be. More young women need to realize that just because something looks good on the surface doesn’t mean it’s good for you at all.

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