Garth Brooks Shocks Fans With THIS Announcement

Garth Brooks Shocks Fans With THIS Announcement

He was working his way into retirement and once there, he just couldn’t stay there. He lives to perform and share his music, so he came out of retirement and hit the ground running right into a new world tour. Now, at one of their stops, his wife Trisha Yearwood made an announcement that even HE didn’t know…

Garth Brooks Performs In Rosemont Illinois

From Western Journalism:

For the most part, Brooks held to his commitment to retirement, although it was punctuated by benefit concerts and a few years of living the Vegas show life. But that all changed in 2014, when Brooks hit the concert tour circuit once again. If anyone thought the tour would be a geriatric slow walk down memory lane, however, those thoughts were perished when Brooks launched his tour with a feverish pace. Brooks has reportedly done three-, four and even seven-night runs of consecutive concerts, which drew the attention of the American Country Countdown Awards.

The awards took place Sunday night in Los Angeles, but Brooks was performing in Des Moines, Iowa. Brooks’ concert was supposedly going as planned when all of a sudden Yearwood walked on stage and interrupted the show. Brooks can be seen in the video with what looks to be a fixed stare directed toward his wife, who had microphone in hand.

Yearwood informed the audience and her husband that she’d be brief but explained to everyone the ACCAs were taking place in California. Then Yearwood said, “Touring Artist of the Year just went to Garth Brooks.” As soon as the announcement was made, the Brooks fans went wild with applause.

Yearwood followed her announcement with a Facebook post. She wrote, “I am so proud of this guy and our band and crew! Garth just won Touring Artist of the Year at the American Country Countdown Awards! It’s the biggest, baddest tour in the world y’all! Come see what all the fuss is about! Hope to see you somewhere out on the road.#myhusbandrocks.”

Maybe this will motivate him to come out with some new tracks. Congrats Garth!

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