George Clooney ACCUSED Of Helping ‘Blacklist’ Actress Because Of Her ‘Sexual Harassment’ Claim

George Clooney ACCUSED Of Helping ‘Blacklist’ Actress Because Of Her ‘Sexual Harassment’ Claim

While not everyone may have heard of Harvey Weinstein before it was revealed that he had been sexually harassing women in the entertainment industry for years, you’d have to have been living under a rock to not know who George Clooney is.

It is being revealed that Weinstein isn’t the only one who has a tendency to assault women and then threaten their careers if they come out. An “ER” actress accused George Clooney of helping blacklist her when she reported her sexual harassment in 1995 and as a result, she lost her career.

Vanessa Marquez posted her story on Twitter, accusing Hollywood and specifically George Clooney of conspiring to keep her from working as an actress after she reported her sexual harassment.

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“Clooney helped blacklist me when I spoke up abt harassment on ER.’women who dont play the game lose career’I did,” she wrote in response to reports of the famed actor denouncing Harvey Weinstein’s perverted behavior while working as a producer.

She continued, calling him a “monster” who “isn’t who he claims to be.”

She also accuses “Wells, NBC, Amblin, WB, cast and crew, agent” for working together to keep her from working in Hollywood after she revealed that she was sexually harassed.

She described the harassment she faced (which wasn’t always sexual.)

The actress named actor Eriq La Salle and crew member Terence Nightingall as being two of the “pu**y grabbers” she had referenced and accused Anthony Edwards, Noah Wyle and Julianna Margulies of making insensitive racial jokes about her.

If all of this is true (and I have no reason to believe that this woman is lying considering her career died after ER like she claimed), then Clooney’s denouncement of Weinstein holds no weight and he needs to be exposed for his willingness to be complicit in blacklisting a woman who spoke up.

Weinstein’s case is just the tip of the iceberg, but I believe that it ripped open the bag and victims of all kinds will come pouring out, eager to make their voices heard after years of silence and fear. This may be the undoing of the sexual predators in Hollywood, who will no longer be defended. At least, I hope that’s the case.

As more people come forward, we will see exactly how deep this thing goes. It’s a sick, degenerate rabbit hole and it needs to be cleansed by any means necessary. This is an excellent beginning.

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