George Clooney talks the 2017 Oscars and trashes Trump [VIDEO]

George Clooney talks the 2017 Oscars and trashes Trump [VIDEO]

If I haven’t said it lately, George Clooney is an elitist putz. This time Clooney took the occasion of an awards ceremony to bash President Trump. I’m not surprised… every damned celebrity out there just about has been taking their turn at the Trump pinata these days. It’s evidently Hollywood chic now. These people are a bunch of privileged asshats who have no connection to reality whatsoever.

Clooney had the nerve to say that Trump’s actions have empowered our enemies. How so? We are actually fighting and killing ISIS Jihadists now. Is death empowering? Who knew? He claims that Trump has upset our allies. Gee, I haven’t seen that. Israel is thrilled with our new Commander-in-Chief. So is Britain. What allies would that be? You mean Merkel who hearts Islamic radicals? No big freaking loss. Or Iran? Oh, I hope they are upset, because eventually, we will have to engage with the mullahs and I hope that bothers the hell out of them.


From Louder with Crowder:

Oscars 2017 is upon us! ‘Tis the night when the Hollywood elite meets with the rest of the Hollywood elite to revel in each others eliteness. Also, cleavage. This year, attacking the President of the United States and the people who support him is the hot new fad. Here’s famous celebrity and noted assfunnel George Clooney with a preview…

“The actions of this president have caused alarm and dismay amongst our allies and given considerable comfort to our enemies. The fault is not really his (because fear was already present). He merely exploited it, and rather successfully.”

“Citizens of the world must work harder and harder not to let hate win.”

I know, you’re not exactly shocked that George Clooney would be insufferable. In other news, water’s wet and Pelosi’s had work done (see Dear George Clooney: You Prejudiced, Pompous, Dumbass and Clooney: Massive Hypocrite When it Comes to Refugees).

I could probably go the rest of my life without hearing someone like Clooney open his sanctimonious pie hole and tell me what is for my own good. Put a sock in it already. Clooney goes to France for the Cesar’s awards and has the gall to bad mouth our President there… “Love trumps hate,” is what he told the snobs at the French awards ceremony. Clooney doesn’t care how many innocent people get killed by those so-called refugees he loves. He’s above all that. Stopping their murderous ways is hate don’t ya know and he was quick to convey that to the French.

Clooney goes overseas to an ally and accuses our President of giving aid and comfort to our enemies. He should have his passport revoked and if he hates America so much, move to fricking France already. It really ticks me off when you are such a coward that you have to run to another country to call your President names and bash your fellow Americans. This guy is worth millions and is part of the class of people that have just about done this country in. Save your drivel for those that care, Clooney. Americans are just not into you anymore.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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