Global Warming Fanatic Leonardo DiCaprio Flew ‘Eyebrow Artist’ 7,500 Miles for Oscars

Global Warming Fanatic Leonardo DiCaprio Flew ‘Eyebrow Artist’ 7,500 Miles for Oscars

I just… first of all, WHAT? Eyebrow artists are a thing? I’ve been walking around looking like someone glued caterpillars to my face and there are people who have dedicated their entire lives to fixing it? I feel lied to.

Second, at what point do we get to tell DiCaprio to shut his hypocritical cake-hole and just entertain us? Seriously, he’s an over-paid court jester, why can’t he just stick to that?


From Breitbart:

Leonardo DiCaprio apparently spared no expense while getting ready for last weekend’s Academy Awards — the Oscar-winning actor and environmental activist reportedly flew a renowned “eyebrow artist” to the stars more than 7,000 miles around the world to have his face tended to ahead of Hollywood’s big night.

According to reports in the Sydney Morning Herald and the Independent, the 42-year-old Revenant star and fellow actor Tobey Maguire enlisted the services of beautician Sharon-Lee Hamilton, who made the 7,500-mile trip from Sydney, Australia to Los Angeles to ensure the stars’ brows were just right for the big show.

While the artists’s eyebrow services are reported to cost a relatively affordable $200, Hamilton — whose previous clients are said to include Beyoncé, George Clooney and Kim Kardashian — told the Herald that when traveling for work, her costs are covered by her clients.

Hamilton also told the paper that she would be doing work for two other A-list celebrities while in town before the Oscars.

DiCaprio is one of Hollywood’s foremost environmental activists and green jobs campaigners.

In December, the actor — whose eponymous Foundation is dedicated to fighting climate change — met with then-President-elect Donald Trump at Trump Tower in Manhattan to discuss how jobs in sustainable energy could help contribute to an economic revival in the United States.

Do you not want to be taken seriously while talking about climate change? Because this is a really good way to not be taken seriously while talking about climate change, DiCaprio.

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