Greta van Susteren Is OUT at MSNBC

Greta van Susteren Is OUT at MSNBC

Greta van Susteren left Fox News and found a home at MSNBC. Unfortunately for her, she’s going to find herself in the market for another job after today, when she was “let go,” according to her husband.

In a five-word tweet, van Susteren let her viewers and fans know that she would no longer be seen on MSNBC, but she did not elaborate, causing many to wonder if she was too conservative for the historically-liberal news network.

“I am out at MSNBC-” van Susteren tweeted on Thursday.

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NBC President Phil Griffin issued a memo about van Susteren’s exit from the company.

It reads, in part:


As we continue to grow and evolve as a network during one of the most newsworthy periods in recent history I have important news about our 6PM hour.

MSNBC and Greta van Susteren have decided to part ways. Greta is a well-regarded television veteran and one of only a few broadcasters who can say they’ve hosted shows at all three major cable news networks. We are grateful to her and wish her the best.

In her stead, MSNBC’s Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber will be filling her 6 PM slot.

Most of us conservatives knew that the van Susteren/MSNBC relationship wasn’t going to last very long. Greta deals in facts, something that is foreign to the people at MSNBC, who need to be able to twist words and actions to fit their narrative. I’m just surprised that it took this long for them to kick her out of their club.

I wonder where she is going to go after this? As Griffin mentioned, van Susteren has been a host on all of the major media networks, so where does she go from here? Will CNN pick her up in a desperate attempt to regain a grain of credibility?

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